BREX PISTOL: Punk Legend Johnny Rotten Hails Brexit, Backs Trump https://t.co/VhNddwGw4U
#NowPlaying Touch It / Technologic de Daft Punk love this song! ♫ https://t.co/Ky157jF1Eq
RT @FollowtheYES: You're an idiot if you still chant "CM Punk" get real. If you don't like the show then don't waste money going to it #RAW
RT @SimpleSaeed: CM Punk chants in the first five minutes of the show. #RAW https://t.co/liXdeqrV9q
RT @WrestlingTalkk: I guess CM Punk can say he won. These crowds won't stop chanting his name. #RAW #Smyth
RT @darick2x: Rihanna on punk'd 😂😂 beyond funny https://t.co/zm93sHQQg2
RT @TezangiVictoria: Whenever a crowd chants CM Punk, showing disrespect to the wrestlers in the ring i'm just like... the hate is real… https://t.co/lMPWR7tKLe
RT @Steve49ers_: If you like the CM Punk chants you're a shit fan and all the important people in your life have smelly genitalia
RT @whoisgrod: Welp... Show the world how you feel about em. Pick up a F*ck Your CM PUNK Chant shirt today!… https://t.co/e9FXwWm7AB
RT @ProWrestlingMag: CM Punk chants. Stop it. #RAW
@PipeBombCast Crowd morta, chant do CM Punk e vaia pro Roman, é o que tem pra hoje
Me when people complain about CM Punk chants: https://t.co/Msk3rW11MV
RT @theneedledrop: When has punk not been populist, ya fish-lipped dolt. 😂 https://t.co/6bT83k37EU
RT @DavKind76: Half the guys chanting "CM Punk" have probably gotten restraining orders against them from their ex's #RAW
RT @Uncle_Jimbo: When the #Nazi you went to punch Turns out to be a Patriotic American BadAss Run away like the punk You are https://t.co/Vo6hLLBptw
RT @broderick: retweet this if you think Betty should join the punk scene and Archie should mind his own damn business https://t.co/jTarhRFpLz
RT @ChooseOneWWE: CM Punk or Brock Lesnar? RT - CM Punk Like - Brock Lesnar https://t.co/7jJ9OQnFpq
RT @miso_wimps22: 次絶対行くから!!親に言わないでいくから!!つれてってな!!なつみん!!るね!!なつきちゃん!!
@superdeluxe @realDonaldTrump Chew Soap Obama is much more entertaining. Enough punk is dead. Conservatism is the new counter culture. #MAGA
@johnny201325 Its becoming fashionable to blast people chanting CM Punk. Would you really bash them here...and they didnt hear cole
@MAGA_BIGLY @nf_reece @germanBruin Amusing you're so offended by their jokes yet follow a religion that's ok with priests diddling kids.
RT @PissPigGranddad: I am the Last Punk. I will destroy the smooth brained litch Jonathan Rotten.