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I’m UP, I’m gonna have PUMPKIN SPICE COFFEE, and I’m gonna DECORATE FOR HALLOWEEN today!!!!! 👏👏👏👏🎃🎃🎃🎃
RT @crownjuul: Seasonal depression is like regular depression except pumpkin spice flavored
@pumpkin_peasant 흑 흑 다음 복각은 2주년때일까요........ 복각까지... 별씹으며 기다리기.........
@DrKenSchneck @jrsdad55 @usminority Uh oh, "Dr" Schmu, er, Schenk's upset. It's ok, pumpkin. Your mama thinks you'r… https://t.co/upUkB0c7K7
RT @strangelykatie: ? I don’t remember planting a pumpkin https://t.co/9ajkSBxRZZ
RT @TorontoPFR: Halloween Boo Barn at Riverdale Farm - face painting, crafts and pumpkin patch. Donation of a non-perishable food… https://t.co/baVOBhtBPx
RT @BitBlt_Korry: タカラトミーよ、これを待ってたんだ。 https://t.co/QnwdCJDWri
Je viens de tester le wicked pumpkin Frappuccino, 💚
RT @ThisOldHouse: No #SundayFunday plans? Grab a pumpkin and enter the #TOHPumpkinCarvingContest for your shot at the $500 Grand Priz… https://t.co/ZLY8VI7ad8
Did you know the weekly special from @BMliciousPgh is also available for brunch? Stop in and warm up with Pumpkin &… https://t.co/d0iLc7OvuY
RT @Troxkeegs: Say hello to Jackie the pumpkin https://t.co/ntt13NTXsG
@ZngCiel そうか・・・(;・∀・)ウッワーシエルチャンナイワー その性格診断俺もやってみたいんだけど、どこのー?(´・3・`)
RT @Fiedler4Philly: Gritty Pumpkin count so far: 1 https://t.co/UVjDxW90vb
RT @Dadsaysjokes: What is a pumpkin's circumference divided by a pumpkin's diameter? Pumpkin Pi...
Pumpkin Cheesecake Pears with Brown Sugar Pecan Crumble are very easy to make and prepare. https://t.co/2oGADWL8XA https://t.co/8mlS7Q9LB3
RT @UNIVERSALRPE: 🍭 HALLOWEEN OREO POPS 🍭 i rather eat the pumpkin oreo, OR i rather eat the mummies oreo? well, i rather eat BOTH… https://t.co/oCvL1JNuhH
Campaigners at Kinman Farms tonight! See you at the pumpkin patch! 🎃 https://t.co/AxdcJeaYT9
RT @wokeke8: お疲れ様でした〜😋🍜🍑 https://t.co/xpj10AVHCk