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Remoraid available until 08:46:34am (29m 24s). Mud Shot / Water Pulse (42.2% - 12/5/2) https://t.co/NrWiJUCImC
Dobardan Steel Pulse- Nyah Love https://t.co/0h0b9eOdzL via @YouTube
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China shuts out U.S. Even if the White Houses does begin to focus its attention on Africa, it may be too late https://t.co/gPkGyV2nIc
RT @FeliceNoMexican: My roommate has been asleep for 14 hours should I check his pulse
RT @SoulEtiquette: The Queen @MonaLisaTaurus tells it all on today's session... Tune in at 16:00 - 18:00 GMT via RTÉ Pulse https://t.co/qKbQlw0N0C
My Blog: How as a Salesperson can you see what your customers are talking about on Social Media? https://t.co/6ibfMvLVFo #socialselling
Always believed that "Be authentic and more vulnerable. Don't just share the good, share the bad, too." is the most…https://t.co/rTXMAXr29W
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The latest World News Pulse "The Paper"! https://t.co/zV0ekHUSWA #oscars #mwc17
Another day. Another #protest. Behold our group temper tantrum. The #Entitlement Junkies. #TrumpRally #mypresident… https://t.co/5wTANxNfTv
RT @spinsterAtashi: Agree.. Heartbeat/pulse rate ang chinecheck jan. So if sanay ka magsinungaling at d ka kakabahan.. Mapapasa mo yan.… https://t.co/jWkCiarZn8
Blockchain? Did you say blockchain? https://t.co/eI0HcUoikP
@MTcaribsports hope you like it, it can be found here: https://t.co/lnOrYBwOka
RT @killmiyuki: "All of u who are mine, don't forget to check ur pulse daily I don't want u to die bc of me 😔😚" https://t.co/jX5w8nQPzn
@xiii_pulse ぐぬぬ( ´•௰• ` ) コノヤロ~~~🖕🖕🖕🖕 なあわたし女の子ですねん(^q^) しんくんと拳で語り合ったら死んでまうので優しゅうせえ!!!(  '-' )ノ)`-' )ぺし