Puerto Rico

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Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube (https://t.co/zSebFmrHfY - algo extraño bajo el agua | PUERTO RICO).
RT @TheRickyDavila: Don’t let open Treason distract you from the fact that 4,645 American citizens died in Puerto Rico from malicious n… https://t.co/N1yPR7WjT6
Discovery Returns Strongest Grades to Date From its Puerto Rico Project Channel Sampling Program $DSV https://t.co/l7EINVQ0on
RT @SafetyPinDaily: The FEMA has either denied or not approved most appeals for housing aid in Puerto Rico | via nbcnews https://t.co/HNem2XBiQq
RT @TheNYevening: Puerto Rico Mayor Facing Fraud Charges Over $3M In Federal Disaster Relief https://t.co/gBdJpkNIKg https://t.co/VNA4MSGSbj
The National Trust for Historic Preservation has unveiled its 2018 list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Pl… https://t.co/cpSEe2niTh
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Judge temporarily blocks #FEMA from ending housing aid to displaced Puerto Ricans https://t.co/Z5QwKoB4oA via… https://t.co/aPSQNQfgup
RT @ricardorossello: Gracias a la @NAACP por su apoyo al proyecto HR6246 de nuestra comisionada @Jenniffer2012 que encamina la Isla a la… https://t.co/GApypY1lXK
What #PuertoRico needs is respect for it's self-determination by supporting an inclusive process that gives all sid… https://t.co/n37BFuLoIL
RT @Salud_CZ8: Eliminación de criaderos aédicos y tratado de depósitos en localidad 24 De Mayo y Puerto Rico en #VíaALaCosta… https://t.co/Ico42zZaql
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RT @ricardorossello: Gracias a la @NAACP por su apoyo al proyecto HR6246 de nuestra comisionada @Jenniffer2012 que encamina la Isla a la… https://t.co/GApypY1lXK
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If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain... you should go to Puerto Rico between June and November 🤘
RT @JCrockett623: Daily reminder #TheyAreUS - I WILL NOT FORGET in Puerto Rico, 4,600+ lives lost, more disrupted/destroyed, the US V… https://t.co/P0xRnQzzid
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RT @NewsHour: When Hurricane Maria came, a mother in Puerto Rico whose baby son needed oxygen says that doctors canceled their ap… https://t.co/nmtrxG3FpQ