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As a Wrestling fan, I can't help but think the Oscars cock up was a deliberate stunt. Whole thing is for publicity isn't it?
Yunnan judge suspended for calling police officer's duty a 'publicity stunt'
.@adammewes "HMS Global Britain":Cheap publicity stunt for a rag. A few also-rans on a vintage tug boating about on Thames going nowhere.Apt
@ndtv Stupid publicity stunt by this cheap girl using her fathers matrydom.....NDTV will do anything to revive sinking TRPS
I still feel like the Best Picture mistake was planned as a publicity stunt. Dumb Hollywood liberals. #Oscars
That hearse and coffin thing is a Paddy Power publicity stunt by the way if you hadn't already noticed their logo.
@KatyTurNBC @MiamiHerald Trump showing up when he was brought home was a publicity stunt. I wouldn't have met with him either #sorryforloss
@emily_glick @TheAcademy Nobody is losing their job, this was a publicity stunt and desperate attempt at attention...
RT @NH1News: Do you think the Oscars mix-up was an accident or a ratings publicity stunt?
@Live5Insider bad publicity stunt NOT 😂 degrades winner
RT @Qwizzington: @Bomchikybombom @MrFantastic803 everyone thinks getting shot at is a publicity stunt until the person dies
@dan_heston classic publicity stunt, let's have an old guy mess up and make a joke about it and draw attention to ourselves
RT @FakeZigi: sooo sorry☺...must have missed the fact that only accounts with their head recently stuck up G's ass & ship a publi…
Oscar Winners | media bent over a white man's publicity stunt that overshadows a black man's achievement #Moonlight
@ashokepandit Sadest part is Because of @mehartweets cheap Publicity stunt certain people are even questioning the martyrdom of her father.
My favourite publicity stunt of the year goes to...... The Oscars #oscars
RT @DonKlericuzio: Shortly before his death, @FBI dismissed MalcolmX's concern over assassination threats as "a publicity stunt"…
@BertLcfc come on chaps surely you've seen the sponsor??? Publicity stunt and they got you pair 🎣😂😂
@mehartweets u study in lady sriram clg wht were u doing in ramjas clg is it a publicity stunt or want to bcm another kanhaiya kumar? Ans
RT @DesiKanya: @timesofindia @toitv LOOL! Cheap Publicity stunt. Why is she always playing the victim card everywhere? Bolo @iLopamudraRaut aka NextOmBaba?
RT @SciGuySpace: Gerst said today he didn't know how the astronaut corps felt about putting crew on EM-1. Per two astros, it seems like a "publicity stunt."
@VoodooMediaTV Publicity stunt. Steve Harvey got a lot of attention for his so-called "gaffe." Look for more "mistakes" going forward.
well said #ISupportABVP or Gurmehar kaur ke follower bhi increse hogaye.... what a publicity stunt...good going