You either get Twitter or you dont. If you dont, then you are probably wondering what all the fuss is about...

RT @dhoom1421122: #النصر_الاهلي الحين يعاد مبارة النصر و الاهلي 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛 #النصر #الاهلي #الاتحاد #الهلال #الشباب #الاتفاق
RT @ArmaanMalik22: Hey Surat, I'm coming to your city on the 27th of November! Get ready it's time for #ArmaanMalikLive 🤘🏼😇
RT @QmoonbutterflyQ: (90)16-10-15 #weizhou งาน Cosmo Lady Cr.肿了一只眼的托托
RT @Carolde: I am going to expand the definition of LOBBYIST - so we close all the LOOPHOLES! #DrainTheSwamp @realDonaldTrump…
Si eres negro y tienes dinero no puedes luchar contra el racismo
RT @Ryu_ryuuaah: 여럽ㅂ분 행벅해 지세요
RT @LIFE_IS_G_08: 아이거존나웃긴데ㅋㅋ가게이름 누가이따구로짓냐구요진재
RT @kanjiklubs: fan bingbing absolutely obliterating everyone else on the red carpet: a montage
@Kemenag_RI apa benar anda mengedit Alquran seperti tuduhan ini 👇
RT @viexcwew: 🐻에리한정RT이벤트🐻 종인이 하이컷 한 부 보내드립니다. 참여 없으면 제 방에 종인이 가득 붙여요. 당발은 10월 안에 할게요🐻
RT @SoccerKingJP: 【試合結果】 リトルなでしこ、惜しくもW杯連覇ならず PK戦の末、北朝鮮に敗れる
Guess the people opposing Moseley at Cable Street were 'vulgar' too, right? Ignoring fascism is an abdication of re…
A snap from Technical session-Community engagement workshop. Thanking our sponsor @internetsociety for their great…
RT @KDNOFF: JPP maintenant à 13 ans ils testent leur fidélité ??
RT @CongresoSoria: Con las lluvias de los últimos días, esperamos una buena temporada micológica ¡¡Que ganas de salir al bosque!!…
RT @aaommajksn: พลอย เฌอมาลย์ สวยดูดี☺️☺️
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