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@EmilyyTaylorrr wow I should prob start considering this but I never even took the PSATs 😅
@SimplyCollin @Bleachify because PSATs, SATs and preparing for college. Senior year you just chill and wait for college
did you take the psats yet?
After grading 100 PSATs I decided to take a break from doing the last 100 and treat myself to a mani/pedi 🙃 Dreaming on sleep too
Upcoming Important Dates: September 8 to October 9 - PSAT Registration. All 11th graders will take PSATs. Any...
RT @PAHealthDept: National Preparedness Month starts September 1! Follow #NatlPrep for tips. More info:
@KlayGearUpMath class will strengthen your class work, support your homework & prep you for PSATs. Plz join us 9/19!
@pressplayontour did you realize PSATs are on the same day as press play Long Island oct 15 😑😕
RT @JoannaaMedoferr: Can you shut up I'm studying for the PSATs
Planning on taking the PSAT's? Register in Guidance starting 9/1/16. Click for more info or contact us!
9th and 11th grade students, do not forget to sign-up to register for PSATs by August 31 for free. See Mrs. Wertman in the counseling office
i meant like the PSATs.. we gotta take the practice ones again ??
Super Easy Guide to Fall PSATs, SATs, and ACTs
@PSATS training for work zone flaggers in Sept. and Oct. Register today! #PSATSTraining
Townships: Enter @PSATS Citizen Communication Contest. Entries due Sept. 15.
RT @PennDOTNews: Do you know Pennsylvania's school bus stopping law? #SchoolBusSafety
Someone fucking kill me. I do NOT want to take SATs. I've done bad on my PSATs because the questions are bs.
everyone: so the VMA's me: PSATs seem tough this year
@ShadowRoadie 😕 We never got to know the scores of the standardized tests we took (til PSATs I think) I still don't know what the point was!
@RageHardGamer @TheGamingRevoHD it eats up so much of my day, I'm in all AP classes except 1, I have SATs and PSATs as well this year
so i had PSATs this morning and i just got back from the dentists so i have a numb mouth and my phone is broken ask me how im doing i dare u
@troyesmellark oh god that's stressful as hell (and kinda like APs, PSATs and SATs in America, got it lol)
if i fall asleep during the psats i stg