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RT @MasterMarquette: Clarence Thomas to Trump Electors: "How exactly will Mr. Trump uphold Equal Protection and Due Process laws?
RT @VoteHillary2016: Attorneys General: Please enforce the Equal Protection Clause precedent from Bush v. Gore. @KamalaHarris…
RT @mdmjkl: “The Equal Protection argument against ‘winner take all’ in the Electoral College” by @lessig
RT @DebraMessing: Equal Protection Clause, A Tool To Change Electoral College? via @garnetnewsroom
If this world were kind, Vice President Al Gore or Governor @Schwarzenegger would head the Environmental Protection Agency.
RT @GraphiqueDBF: Affaires écoutes téléphoniques / #Soro veut sauver sa tête cherche protection auprès Roi Mohamed VI
RT @iambmc: A Prayer of Protection for our bibis @mainedcm and @aldenrichards02 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #ALDUBTwinsGender CTTO
What happened to that equal protection lawsuit is California vis a vis the electoral college
RT @balleralert: #michaelslager leaves the courtroom after a mistrial with protection.
RT @AndreaChalupa: 5. Harvard Law Professor @lessig breaks down the argument for Equal Protection enforcing will of 2.5 million+ voters
RT @iambmc: A Prayer of Protection for our bibis @mainedcm and @aldenrichards02 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #ALDUBTwinsGender CTTO
Fake actor's father worked in Heiti doing child "protection"for Beyond Borders across the street, funded by Clinton…
RT @AndreaChalupa: 9. Please RT! Do this Twitter storm 2day: demand AGs protect democracy/popular vote: enforce Equal Protection clause
@Austin_A94 same. But I actually think he will to better in the AL. Smaller ball parks and he will have protection throughout the line up.
RT @iambmc: A Prayer of Protection for our bibis @mainedcm and @aldenrichards02 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #ALDUBTwinsGender CTTO
@LeahRemini , I am praying prayers of protection over you. No harm shall come to you or your family! Psalm 91, read it, it will comfort you.
RT @Rentisto: Jimmy McMillan for NYC Mayor, 2017-Rent Is Too Damn High Party (100% Tenant Protection) Rent reduced to $800 per month. Announcement coming.
RT @GlobalGoalsUN: Good news! Countries have just adopted the #CancunDeclaration to strengthen biodiversity protection. See:…
أعجبني فيديو @YouTube على Fetty Wap: Oakland Tragedy Reminds Young Artists Need Protection Too |
RT @iambmc: A Prayer of Protection for our bibis @mainedcm and @aldenrichards02 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #ALDUBTwinsGender CTTO
We couldn't help putting in a plug for this awesome cold weather protection for your home, invented and...