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Damn, twitter is killing me with promoted tweets today!
I fear I may be abusing the "Tweet is offensive" option to get rid of promoted tweets. Publix and Chipotle were victims of my wrath today.
Interesting fact: when I am in Germany, all the promoted tweets are in German. #TheMoreYouKnow
My promoted tweets just included a pawn shop in Tucson like I know I'm having a rough morning BUT NOT THAT FUCKIN ROUGH
There is a 53% increaseoin intent to purfhase from Twitter users who see promoted Tweets. (Source: Twitter)
RT @plasreconsurg: First impression of #Japan - no litter, none, anywhere! Second - the promoted tweets are insane! #ISAPS2016…
Why is this in my promoted tweets. Why.
I never touch promoted tweets. That's how much you need to watch the movie!
I usually despise promoted tweets but this is important.
Is there a way of blocking these "promoted" tweets? Some are really borderline spam already. #TwitterProblems
Using Promoted Tweets in Your Marketing Strategy? Click here to find out how why right now. #marketing
Hmmm. Getting a little tired of the constant sharing of information. Opened an app earlier. Their offer now appears in my promoted tweets.
"Yikes!"?? really omg wow where tf do these *promoted* tweets even come from i just
Hey businesses buying promoted tweets, you’re wasting money because @twitter isn’t remotely matching advertisers with interested users.
I find it as satisfying to block users who infest my timeline with promoted tweets as it is to pop bubble wrap.
I usually hate promoted tweets, but this one is pretty cool
RT @IOWRobert: Normally I ignore promoted tweets but as a primary school teacher I can't disagree with this post. #kids #education…
Normally I ignore promoted tweets but as a primary school teacher I can't disagree with this post. #kids #education
RT @stevenmaviglio: Brilliant move by @Excedrin for promoted Tweets for #DebateHeadache
been seeing the weirdest promoted tweets with like 0 context
met het geld dat de regering spendeert aan promoted tweets kunnen ze het gat in de begroting dichten
I just blocked Dong Energy for advertising in my timeline, as I do all promoted tweets. But now I'm a little sad about it.
Some promoted tweets are simply not very sell timed.. or spelled. Is Dyn an exhibitor?
I'd rather pay for twitter than be forced to see ads and promoted tweets. Back to tweetbot.
Always interesting what promoted tweets pop up under what trending topics.