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RT @AsifUddinAhmed: It is surprising to see that lot o my students think success and profit are bad words !
RT @TeamGrandeFR: #VIDÉO Madonna et Ariana sur scène lors de l'évènement au profit de la fondation de Madonna "Raising Malawi" à Miam…
Yarn Animals You Can Make VTG 1951 Art of Wool Sculpture Fun Profit
RT @NDTVProfit: Microsoft Among Top 3 Recruiters At IIT, Offers Over 70 Jobs
What's a healthy #profit margin for your #DigitalAgency? Hear that & more from a CPA who focuses only on agencies…
RT @Rouge_Ettin: I liked a @YouTube video from @TheRealGM15 Insane Profit Making Method ~ Best To Invest #1 ~ Fifa Mobile 17
@kat_no56 @neeratanden Yup. I'd hoped ACA was beginning, not a temp bit of relief. Health should not be for profit, imo.
@DinaMadani yes because these hatreds & bigotry profit the #Burmese politicians with Bama/Buddhist votes. World must respond timely!
RT @NDTVProfit: Microsoft Among Top 3 Recruiters At IIT, Offers Over 70 Jobs
'When you turn medicine into a profit driven business, you end up with catastrophic consequences for patients'…
For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36
RT @1RiposteLaique: La Réserve citoyenne dévoyée au profit des migrants
Entrée gratuite, bourriche au profit du Téléthon, buvette gastronomique, microclimat tropical sur le stade...
"How to get rich quick off property": 1) Buy a property. 2) Watch as govts stifle supply/reform. 3) Leverage. 4) Profit. #notrocketscience
@TheRightArticle Just another way for ppl to make money where they really shouldn't be. Education should not be for profit!
RT @sthamancu: Gareth Cliff messed with a Black woman's livelihood and has the nerve to laugh it off and profit from it. What a deplorable human being
RT @CreativityDNE: Nostalgia and ease (take away any additional work to add more games) = profit I suppose. Well played Nintendo
My kind of Roll although not great for profit margin 😝
RT @KevinPascoe: Only a matter of time before the profit motive compromises rail network safety. When will we learn?
FIIs Pull Out $6 Billion In November On Cash Turmoil, Global Jitters - NDTV
God desires to teach us how to profit. The wisdom of God is superior to that of man, in any situation....
Seller letak harta bnb ice rm2xx , tiba2 sold . Padahal takda orang beli pun , so seller yang lain akan letak harga yg sama lah demi profit
family, cty, easton, art, career, people who genuinely care about u without ever involving "profit"
I hate this shit. Lock "minorities" up then use their shit to make a profit. Fuck white people!