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When you're on NG and the professional racists keep yelling the wrong racial slur at your Mexican boys.
I just played a round of Quiz Up with A Mexican professional soccer player. What?
@eaamalyon and what is problem if is he "gay"? There is not a sport new!! So, our mexican soccer play is very professional on court!
Amber Sports Mexican Style Professional Training Gloves 14 oz
Amber Sports Mexican Style Professional Training Gloves 12 oz
Vaughan Williams' 'The Wasps' Overture, superbly played by a very professional-looking Mexican university orchestra:
@Mikewil0415 and I cruised in the PROFESSIONAL bracket, bring on the Mexican #championshipbound #heaterzheatingup
The Boondocks writers really gotta chill, niggas called Uncle Ruckus a professional Mexican 💀
mexican moms are lowkey professional chefs tbh
Ingrid Drexel, professional Mexican road cyclist one hot cyclist
Professional mexican with power..Young ass hell, but no coward..
.@AliAbunimah @ArtisMentis Thank you, & no @CNN didn't invite @MALDEF or professional Mexican American or even Ricky Martin to change #trump
Do you remember this great K.O.? Marquez vs Pacquiao The Great champ Juan Manuel Marquez, Mexican professional...
If Trump bans all Muslims, he'd have to give a bunch of doctor and professional jobs to the rapist Mexican immigrants due to labor shortage