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RT @JACCJournals: Device related thrombus common after LAA occlusion – implications for post-procedural anticoag #JACCCEP…
"“An intense, action-filled police procedural."”
@reynantem are those scratches a texture or procedural?
Currently testing the waters of procedural generation within Unity. Very basic, but very interesting.
"A well-written police procedural that is full of surprises!"
RT @MitraEbadolahi: CRITICAL: "The procedural protections provided by the 5A's Due Process Clause *are not limited to citizens.*"
RT @WYP_OwenWest: @WMPolice are. Progressive service in respect of #FootballPolicing. Developing a package a measures around legitima…
@WMPolice are. Progressive service in respect of #FootballPolicing. Developing a package a measures around legitima… Hey guy! Been working on procedural music for One Strike. It's nice and chill. ☺
RT @punchesbears: Nas Is Like. Procedural dance testing. Not sure how points are scored yet. Multiplayer soon. SOUND!!! #madewithunity
I just had a great idea for a modern mystical supernatural procedural
RT @PlayBotanika: Procedural environment tests are getting interesting! #IndieDev #LowPoly #BotanikaGame
And we hold leaders to legal, procedural, and constitutional standards.
RT @BlenderNation: New post: Cycles Baking | The problem with procedural texturing
Always Procedural War: Social
"“A riveting, complex story that is more than just a standard police procedural."” #series #mystery
RT @sarahjeong: Also it means we depart from the extremely weird procedural stance of contesting a temporary restraining order, and go back to the case.
RT @sarahjeong: This means the substantive case, rather than the procedural one. In other words, whether this actually violates the Constitution,
I just realized I am spending Friday night drawing a procedural diagram. God bless.
RT @Asher_Wolf: Centrelink recipients *are* taxpayers and they're being denied procedural justice
RT @FazleyYaakob: See lah my full name during my procedural scan just now! I asked cheekily , "it is a boy or a girl doc?!" 😂😂😂
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