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@houdinitricks stress is procedural like houdini 😔 i hope your dad gets well soon. stay gold!
RT @samim: "Design Transformations for Rule-based Procedural Modeling":
@SatyendarJain @ArvindKejriwal congrats.. nice initiative... Hope there are no procedural delays when action is required the most.
See our latest #Waukesha, WI #job and click to apply: Registered Nurse - Procedural Dermatology (Part-Time,... -…
From @EdJamesAuthor DEVIL IN THE DETAIL (#2) is a taut police procedural novel abt faith & trust. #Mystery
RT @samim: "Design Transformations for Rule-based Procedural Modeling":
RT @punchesbears: IT WORKS! Procedural dancing using music & physics! TURN YO SPEAKS ON. Music by @Tri_Tachyon #madewithunity
Hayles, we doesn't yet anthologize hacktivist sources that overwrite procedural bitrates.
from the stickier key with procedural initiators we memorize poking the largest writing she professs a tag among the lapses parting
I'm gonna start a new crime procedural, I mean it won't have any crime or cops but it should still make an entertaining hour of TV right?
Sublevel Zero: 6-DOF procedural roguelike VR gameplay with HOTAS and HTC Vive: via @YouTube
Dem try new tactics to get trump's tax returns, GOP block at every turn w/ procedural tactics. #resist #resisttrump
#excise Returned goods - Rule 16 - the period of six months was not provided under Rule whereas it is provided by…
is the tapa background of the moana credits a procedural texture?? @DisneyPixar
@CyclingSurgeon In France, ultrasound procedural on dense breasts; detects cancers early; UK have technology - don't use it! #IAmDenseAreYou
Olympic banks create procedural ways of resolving recovery projects determined by PRA Acuxum while Scott Blair joined this land.
Nothing makes sense, it has no basis in reality. It seems to commit every procedural sin possible.
RT @cristyclark: Just to abuse of power, lack of procedural fairness, and a govt determined to indiscriminately penalise welfare rec…