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RT @my_scio: SCiO Inside! Introducing Changhong H2 the world's first material sensing smartphone phone. Embedded with a #SCiO...
RT @georgcoless: Really need to cut down on the amount of cheese I'm eating👀👀
Light up the sun inside of you. "An internal, eternal sun." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Mensch sieht ein Süssgetränk: Das sieht aus wie Cola... probert schmeckt wie Cola - es ist Cola!
Let's go after our deepest wants! "Our deepest wants - in their clear expression,...they light us up." Laura Probert #successful
Helping others is what life is about. "[Lift] each other up, for better or worse." Laura Probert #LifeLessons
nye was defo up there to be one of the best weekends yet!
It takes effort! "[Sprint] like our lives depend on it." Laura Probert #encourage
RT @CoBCollege: Welcome back everyone! If you're looking for a new start in 2017, then check all of our January courses here ➡️…
Make time. "You have nothing but time." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
You can make it! "So lift off." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Furthermore, at the first two hearings, Probert hadn't supplied the documents needed for the hearing to even commence.
Writing is a passion: "The poems and words...moved through to the page from my soul." Laura Probert #happiness
Be excited for love! "Anticipating the fruit of love." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
@PhilippHenschel I found a paper from that area I am using for another research now. Have asked for his email. @John_H_Probert @WILDLABSNET
@John_H_Probert @FelixWildlife @WILDLABSNET sorry, I don't. I never worked in that area...
Will you express yourself? "Now it is your turn." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Do you appreciate this gift? "A gift of awareness." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Always take chances! "Wishing I had taken a bigger chance." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Never let illusion hold you back. "Whatever stands in your way is an illusion in your mind." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Wipe away your fears. "Fear has no part in this today." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Let go. "Exhaling a release into now." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Have the courage to speak out. "Speak your truth; it's the only one you got." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes