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Make the effort! "Strive to be our best, do our best; a win for just trying." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Live a rich life: "Deeper than a field of dreams." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
We can make our own answers. "There's no right answer." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
@businessinsider @miakhalifa @NHL u want to see some great fights look up bob probert n joe kocur when fighting was great for the red wings
Learn to trust. "You can trust in each moment, you can know they're meant to be." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Life gives us many opportunities. "I promise an opportunity." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Are you your best self? "Strive to be our best." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
RT @TheCassArt: Experimental work in progress by MA Photography students David Pereira and Becky Probert -#thecass foyer until 4/3
There is always something to delight in. "Surrounded by these daily delights." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Are your walls up? "My mind rests here in now....And the walls come crumbling down." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Fear will not stop us. "Facing doubt or fear is normal on this journey. Be courageous, be yourself." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
RT @OptometryToday: Hope for babies born with eye defects #eyedefects #stemcells #optometry #OT #research…
Where is your place? "Everyone needs a place to draw, think, write and paint." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Are you alive to the here and now? "I am everywhere and everything when I am here." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Spring is a new beginning. "Spring clean, alive and green." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
A passionate life is an adventurous life! "Following your passions, another something to explore." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Be committed to truly living: "Show up for the stuff of your life with me." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Are you truly living? "What matters is living fully in every possible way." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Don't overthink. "I ride the waves,...not thinking too much." Laura Probert #successful
Where do you get inspiration? "A poem came inside a dream." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes
Give me the 💉 Lord
You have a choice. "Choose joy." Laura Probert #NimbleQuotes