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@xxra_rexx クリティカルヒット連発でHP/zero
RT @Cato_of_Utica: Blaming Putin is a way to make Trump into something other than what he is: a quintessentially American figure.
@fuwafuwako3 ちゃうねん……缶詰めフルーツじゃないねん……フレンチトーストやねん……ごっつ甘いフレンチトーストやねん……
RT @MonarchLiqueurs: “Quintessentially British!” – Buy our limited edition, Queen Elizabeth II commemorative whisky glass.…
سبّل عيوني ومد ايدو يحنوله ، خصرُه رقيّقك وبالمنديل يلفوله. سبل عيونه ومد ايده على راسي ، خصره رقيقك وودعني ومش ناسي.
In which countries do expats work the longest hours? #ukexpats
今度そぼろさん(@soboro_bot)と女子ハム会しようかな?☆ #QUBEKO
@joe_kidder2 damn if that isn't quintessentially creepy
RT @GawainLaw: 2013Houston ASW Rising Stars Challenge Kyrie Irving crossed Brandon Knight
Lunedi alla bersagliera! Any Given Monday #UGO at Qube ➤ Lunedì 27 • Qube Roma
RT @InterNationsorg: From pancakes to sausages, here's what breakfast is like around the world:
ASW – Rana El Saadi – Effective Assessment and Student Feedback Tools
定期 PS4でAWしています! G-QUBEクランに入っています! よろしくっすo┐ペコリ
@YukinowaYuuki 올라갈수잇으니까아안..!