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定期 PS4でAWしています! G-QUBEクランに入っています! よろしくっすo┐ペコリ
@ShanSmith97x @ash_mcr @qube_nightclub im going bolton to bassjam but if we come home early ill deffo be in stall! i miss the place
@abdulla55912013 it is a quintessentially Kenyan pastime, sitting on fences
@ShanSmith97x @qube_nightclub @ash_mcr i wouldnt have a clue cant remember half the people i see in stall haha
@ShanSmith97x @LeanneConnor1 @ash_mcr hold on, I'm on the wrong profile. Going under now! 😳
「iPod」誕生から15年、iPodはこうやって進化してきた - GIGAZINE
@qube_nightclub @LeanneConnor1 @ash_mcr think you've met her before, dunno tho