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ZEUS GRMRS-LINE TOYOTA ZVW40/Priusα(Prius+) BODYKIT(ゼウス トヨタ プリウスα エアロ) ⇒
The #Toyota #Prius is STILL the leader of the hybrids! Find out why HERE:
Many drive a Prius and are so cheap your feelings would be hurt.
RT @envydatropic: If your doctor drives a "save the planet" Prius Hybrid, they're more concerned with saving the planet than your life
I liked a @YouTube video Justin Bieber crash by paparazzi prius in West Hollywood, California - Justin Bieber
Deal of the Day Alert!!! ⚠️️⚠️️⚠️️😲😲😲 Call now for this steal! 434-822-0300 2007 Toyota Prius
@beer_prius 香水と言えばはるま(°▽°)リストには、はるま、照、照と同じのをイチコとかくらいですかね😂
@PRIUS_SHIP1 プリ〜!ビジフォンからもしかして買ってくれた!?(*∩ω∩)
@daviddodson5 I'll pull up rn w my Prius thru ur bedroom 😂😂
Subway™ is to napkins as the Toyota Prius is to gas.
@Gaeto0527 もったいなーい笑
DC police looking for victim's blue Prius, Kentucky plate 722 RMY, with yellow diamond sticker in center of bumper
RT @deliangoncalves: Lookout:blue 2004 Toyota Prius KY tag:722RMY w/yellow diamond bumper sticker in connex w/killing of 34y/o Karina Me…
RT @saburin515: #今の小学生は知らない これだけ見たら分からないんじゃないかな? 懐かしぃ〜
@njjea @tonyharvey1967 @PABCAB24 @MetrocabUK That really is going to be the killer, Probably literally! Look at all the Prius fires! 🔥🔥🙀😡
@RAQUEL_japan 香水(フレグランス)バージョンないですかね😂←こら
Newsham: 34yo woman found Tuesday afternoon at home in NE, tied up, dead after being stabbed, police working to locate her blue '04 Prius
I got nothing better to do, dude in a Prius, I will absolutely follow you all the way home just to let you know you're a terrible driver
I never in my life thought I'd consider owning a Prius but that gas mileage would be AMAZING.