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Beautiful portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Prince Philip was really stupid and useless without the fairies, but I’d still let him do whatever he wanted with me
@jasonsfolly This would certainly liven things up!!!! The Crown season 3: who will play Prince Philip? -
RT @HistoryKe: Princess Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip at Treetops, Nyeri, in 1952. This was just before they learnt of t…
Speaking of which, ‘The Crown’ overplays Prince Philip’s churlishness. I’m sure Her Majesty would concur.
@nypost And live? How about #WhitneyWayThore? Prince Philip? The Queen?
@5thinvictus @TheCrownNetflix #RupertPenryjones I can not imagine another Prince Philip better🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬
@CheriJacobus Remember when Prince Philip told British students in China not to stay there too long or they will ge…
#Femail - CBB's Amanda Barrie claims she taught Prince Philip sex, Twenty years ago, she...
@batwithglasses That was an interesting one. Brace yourself for the last couple. Prince Philip is on my shit list again.
If you have a beard 🧔 you get stigmatised as a terrorist, that's the trouble. 🤦
Prince Philip planted tea in Sri Lanka 59 years ago, son Prince Charles to visit estate
you know what word describes him...handsome. he’s so handsome like he just Looks like a fucking Disney Ass Prince.…
My SO insisted on continuing with the Crown and it’s only been five minutes and I’m already furious with Prince Philip.
RT @GettyImages: A look back at Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's royal love story, 70 years later. 💖
RT @DuchessIzzy: Kate, William, Pippa and James joined Prince Philip at the St Mary Magdalene Church service
I voted Have a hairy Prince Philip turn you on?! "Would you rather..."
RT @HerbySkittlebug: “....I’m telling you my peppermint cookie cake, #JustinTrudeau lies more convincingly than her majesty when she tri…
@MagniFieri Add to that Prince Philip
RT @TheKennyDevine: Didn't you give Prince Philip a knighthood on Australia Day?
*Prince Philip. Sheesh.
#Femail - Wife of Prince Philip's right-hand man talks about royals, Eileen Parker was m...
@missalyss731 That’s a more acceptable answer than Prince Philip. I’ll allow it.