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RT @ksushma140: #HKNKJForSoldiers to show reality that how brave heart soldiers face difficulties & worst situation on boundaries bravely 4 pride of nation
@BBCBreaking Brexit is the reason why the UK is the no.1 or the most pride country in the world. English language is the money of UK Pride.
My child, I watched with pride as you grew into a weapon of righteousness.
RT @elisavicario1: And once again @jamesmaslow has hit the red carpet!! His beard gives it a stunning look really sexy! You're our pri…
RT @carolineocampo_: Usc lower down your pride konti pls it won't hurt to keep your students safe for once
RT @amandamaggxo: @ChaozinhoB Eu até duvidei, mas achava que o cabelo dela era preto :/ SHAWN OUR PRIDE #BestCover #Here #iHeartAwards
@Skeezard I, for one, accept the new floofy hyper- I mean!... ruler. x3 Fly the flag as high as his di- er... pride! :D
I say with great pride that I made it into my 7:30 class before the prof today. Even though I had to pep talk myself on the way over there
RT @RDAnsong: make we move am to national pride cos d world de operate on nation states and not tribes anymore. After all, Ghana…
@RealMattLucas Does that mean that we can now have a Straight Pride day?😉😉😂😂
RT @ton_soulbird: Love is stronger than pride 💞💞💞💞
Throwing up the dueces for Buckeye pride at work
RT @chasityrenaexo: i take pride in my music taste
RT @MSGTheFilm: Take Pride in Being Indian. Watch, Like & Share #JungHaiHumriAatankwadSe! Watch Full Song Here:…
RT @tomlynnsonn: Pride aside and happiness in mind.
I've been trying to fix my pride but that shits broke. Lie. I try to hide but now you know I'm at an #AllTimeLow 🎶 🎶
RT @Iifeinword: mind: i miss you, i'm gonna text you and see how you're doing pride: chill
RT @MSGTheFilm: Take Pride in Being Indian. Watch, Like & Share #JungHaiHumriAatankwadSe! Watch Full Song Here:…