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@barbiegjrls eu terminei de ver She Was Pretty <3 e to seguindo Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, esse que eu to rting fhhfsdh
Some people say I'm not a very pretty woman, but I'm a very beautiful woman inside.
Honky tonks & pretty woman🎵
@ThckrThanASnckr I love a woman with pretty feet
I mean, The Flash can run at pretty much the speed ... — But imagine being Wonder Woman
pretty woman pretty girl
Original tune was better. Wonder Woman standalone film looks decent. That pretty much about it .... 😕…
RT @xxxx90s: Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, 1990
A minha gata está a dar de mamar e eu estou a ser hype woman BUE "good job. Look at those pretty babies you have"
@DarwinSurvivor Batman's pretty established, as is Flash, Wonder Woman's coming out soon. Marvel introduced Black Widow & Hawkeye late
Woman at mall: "Look a this! Do you see this!? Isn't this pretty?!" Husband: "Mhmm...Mhmm."
CAROL! What a beast of a woman and a wonderful cosplay! Well done! Look at the pretty flowers... I love the...
RT @DC71185: When i see a beautiful long hair woman with a bubble booty and pretty feet the first thing that goes through my min…
@tomascanorea @Paula_Paranda no era richard gere en pretty woman??
They don't say it for the women's sake; they say it because they can't handle a woman not trying to look pretty for them.
this old lady hard down looking at me ... I said why you staring at me? She said damn! cause you pretty. 😂 I said okk woman my bad thankyou😂
Richard Gere reckons there was no happy ending for Pretty Woman's Vivian and Edward:
RT @arenkennedy: Pretty woman, how you function with the devil in your thighs