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I liked a @YouTube video from @AbdallahNATION Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo - Transferrable PRETTY WINGS X 10!
Pretty Wings X Maxwell
Shit still hurts like wtf is wrong with me
Pretty Wings x Maxwell
Pretty Wings by Maxwell will always be my favorite!!
RT @qasia_: Maxwell x Pretty Wings😌
Maxwell x Pretty Wings😌
Screw it. I just restarted the sun/moon demo. Now hopefully I'll get my 10 damn pretty wings!
maxwell - pretty wings really is a great song
#NowPlaying Pretty Wings - uncut by Maxwell ♫
Yo, it is #Saturday enjoy it and if your interested check out #myplaylist
Listen to Pretty Wings (Uncut) by Maxwell on #AppleMusic.
if i can't have you let love set you free to fly your pretty wings around
At a friend's wedding and the band is playing a smooth jazz rendition of Maxwell's 'Pretty Wings' and I am so here for it.
Pretty Wings - Maxwell 🎧
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