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Pretty Ricky about to be there 💀💀💀 what am I doing?
Why this girl listening to pretty ricky on a RADIO w/o headphones in the office in a cubicle ???? Damn
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Pretty Ricky's Spectacular Shares His Bedroom Tips, and Talks About His New Album 'Sex God'
We was young as shit singing the shit outta every pretty Ricky song... smh 😂
Pretty Ricky- Peer Pressure 💕
RT @seauxgabby: Old pretty Ricky>>
Juicy x Pretty Ricky
We're playing pretty ricky on the radio this the office lol
sis they got new pretty ricky ? i thought it was nothing but old 😂
RT @seauxgabby: Old pretty Ricky>>
RT @deeisfaithful: Pretty Ricky x Love Like Honey , I learned this song at a very young age. I would sing my heart out to this shit💀
RT @ButtConnoisseur: Pretty Ricky: "baby grind on me" Me "sslllooowwww griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnd"
When you're on the way to LA and Pretty Ricky tells you it's 5 in the morning on the dot.
Nah Pretty Ricky need to come back to London for another concert. And they need to bring Pleasure P with them this time!!!!!!!
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RT @seauxgabby: Old pretty Ricky>>
RT @seauxgabby: Old pretty Ricky>>
Pretty Ricky were ahead of their time