Pretty Ricky

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Thought she was a pretty Ricky bitch but she like Yo Gotti
Listening to Pretty Ricky, Nothing But A Number and I’m shook this shit, it’s nasty as hell and I listened to this when I was young as hell
Damn blue stars went hard but damn pretty Ricky this was a tough one
Get Pretty Ricky Tf Outta Here 😂
thought she was a "pretty ricky bitch" but she like yo gotti. 💋
Sang my little heart out to Pretty Ricky driving from Aiea to town with @Jiggabooo22 @hunchomax So yeah, that’s how my day started off.
Thought she was a Pretty Ricky Bitch, but she like Yo Gotti 😛
I also specifically remember grinding to “hotline” by Pretty Ricky at my 8th grade promotion 😂
RT @OverTheMonster: Rick Porcello gave up one hit in 7 innings and the bats roared to life as the Sox blistered the Twins, 9-2
Pretty Ricky TUNEIN AND PIPE IT UP- Love Like Honey
still pretty ricky I blow ya hoe the emoji kiss
@TweetLikeShan You sleep! Get Pretty Ricky outta here!