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RT @indigoldsoulkid: Just put these 2 pretty little necklaces on my etsy and some new crystals 📍
Pretty little lady // migos
Should I be embarrassed that I love watch pretty little liars?
So this really pretty girl who looks 20 pops up on my facebook, find out she's best friends with my little niece..she's only 14😭make up😫
The Wall featuring Aaron Taylor Johnson and John Cena was pretty crazy, the ending left me a little bothered.
RT @Escorpiao165: "Se as pessoas dissessem como realmente se sentem, as ruas estariam inundadas de lágrimas." — Pretty Little Liars
@realisangy @jamezilla123 he hurt that little bean bag kitten from the toy store pretty good, fucking dirt bag
watching pretty little liars
RT @AshBenzo: You know you're a diehard #PLL fan when...
RT @AshBenzo: You know you're a diehard #PLL fan when...
RT @AshBenzo: You know you're a diehard #PLL fan when...
RT @gingerbronson: I won’t show U my bruises But I’ll still Xpect U2kno where I’m numb & where I’m not. Is that wrong? I need so little & so much
RT @Escorpiao165: “Eu tenho que aprender a parar de me importar.” — Pretty Little Liars
A mi lo único q me gustó de Pretty Little Liars fue Spencer que se hacia la santita y era flor de turrita
RT @FreeformTV: Re-watch the shocking summer finale of Pretty Little Liars on the Freeform app now!
RT @AshBenzo: You know you're a diehard #PLL fan when...
@markjackfordays @markiplier This is it! (Why does Tyler have to be so damn crazy crazy pretty little crazy cringing
RT @marco949: I'm pretty proud of my little town right now
Se me hace imposible no cantar la cancioncita de Pretty Little Liars, me la se de memoria, que adicción esta serie por dios.
RT @AmmoniteInk: The music is great, it's pretty, it's hilarious, and it's the best excuse you'll have to dress up a little to watch an anime.
I liked a @YouTube video [HD 720p] The Thundermans S01E17 - Pretty Little Choirs - (English Sub)
Pretty little liars es todo lo que está bien 🎀