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@realDonaldTrump it will be an early night on 11/8. Trump will go away just like Sarah Palin. This too shall pass.
Sarah Palin, call your office.
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Sarah Palin Rips Trump for Risking Huge Erosion of Support With
Tôi đã thêm video vào danh sách phát Sarah Palin Rips Trump for Risking Huge Erosion of Support With
RT @ChrisGillmann: Guy Who Brought Us Sarah Palin Says Trump Exposes 'Intellectual Rot' via @YouTube & @jimmy_dore
ignoring Sarah Palin is probably a good call
9 Times Showing Sarah Palin Was Living Being Blessed - The Exception… #palin #teaparty
I licked Adolf Hitler because it shot Sarah Palin.
RT @SharonMcCutchan: They laughed at Sarah Palin for talking about death panels! Now CA patient denier cancer treatment,but approved for suicide pill!
@caitylotzarmy Legends of Their Own Minds with Newt, Rudy, #ChrisChristie, Sarah Palin & Huckabee. #RejectedTrumpTVshows
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@robreiner @michelereiner I dunno,'re forgetting Sarah Palin!
Sarah Palin is right again Terminally Ill CA Woman’s Insurance Company WILL Pay For Her Assisted Suicide, But NOT
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