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RT @fawfulfan: Many petitions urge @POTUS to recess appoint Merrick Garland, but this one uses stronger legal reasoning than most:
RT @laurieallee: “President Obama: Halt the Dakota Access Pipeline & Respect the Rights of Indigenous People” by @amnesty
RT @JohnRMoffitt: And I foolishly thought revealing that he raped and tortured a 13 yr old girl would prevent him from becoming Presi…
RT @pattymo: NOVEMBER 9th: Trump, bitches! Get used to it! We won DECEMBER 3rd: Somebody explain to the President-Elect what a President is. Please
RT @JordanChariton: President Obama: Halt the #DakotaAccessPipeline & Respect the Rights of Indigenous People #NoDAPL
RT @mmpadellan: 1st "president elect" to show a lack of interest in SECURITY BRIEFINGS! #TrumpFirsts #RejectTrump
RT @olobersyko: A girl just said on my Instagram she's worried I may run for American president in 2020 while also telling me to use my brain 🌎🔨
RT @amnesty: "These abuses must be stopped." Hear from a Human Rights Observer recently returned from Standing Rock. #DAPL
The worst thing about President Obama is that he is a elitist.
RT @realDonaldTrump: Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?
RT @_Beautyologist: The President of the Philippines said our g'vmt murders innocent black people so he doesn't give a fuck about US's opinion of his leadership
RT @mattyglesias: Trump takes the Taiwanese president's call not understanding the implications, then because China hawks defend it they get his ear.
@smerconish you are an idiot ..he is our president deal with it
RT @_Makada_: It's great to finally have a President-Elect who will NOT bow down to Communist China! Donald Trump will put AMERICA FIRST! #Taiwan
The President of Taiwan called Trump to congratulate him on becoming President Elect. We know you aren't used to fa…
RT @MisterMetokur: "The President isn't allowed to contact other world leaders if it upsets a foreign power" Do you not understand how retarded that sounds?
RT @l_poniatowski: #Hollande est pathétique. D'Abu Dhabi il se livre à une attaque caricaturale contre #Fillon. En vérité il n'a jamai…
RT @AmyMek: Philippine Prez who vowed 2 kill ALL Muslim terrorists & called Obama a “son of a bitch” invited by Trump 2 visit WH
RT @realDonaldTrump: Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?
なぜ辛いモノ好きの老人は“がん”になりやすいのか?:PRESIDENT Online - プレジデント
RT @patriots928: The Steam: U.S. Edition Trump Causes Diplomatic Flap With Communist China by Speaking With Taiwan President
RT @rolandsmartin: Y'all actually buying this BS that a chat with the Taiwanese president was a coincidence? Trump is pimping the pres…
RT @kurteichenwald: Whats amazing is, if u want to reverse China/Taiwan policy, u do it as PRESIDENT, not as president elect, with no warning to anyone.