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Some of the hurdles faced in #scicomm great presentation KAREN Pearce #ASC2017
RT @colebrax: A small taste of my Peckinpah presentation for @KevinGeeksOut's show tomorrow night at @nitehawkcinema. Tix here:…
RT @tukopamoja: Making a short presentation based on your research: 11 tips by @markus_gold & me #OldieButGoodie
@herocomplexes ok wait a sec I have an image presentation of this event An hour long presentation of The 4th Lighthorse in Beersheva.
Don't forget that the community presentation for our proposed Innovation plan is on Thursday night, February 23, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.
RT @litmuslens: This is the entirety of @BP_America Alaska Rep. Damian Bilbao's presentation on the House Resources oil tax credit…
Nice presentation on rice root system by Yusaku Uga #IDVConf
When I try to act smart while doing a presentation...
RT @eskandarazad: Student yg more advance pula selalu dijadikan sebagai "penyelamat" group assignment/presentation, mereka "ghaib" pu…
RT @tobz___: When you are giving a presentation and someone says "can you speak up, I can't hear you"
Presentation by Capt Gaurav in the slums to encourage kids at DoaR to look at army as their carrier option.
RT @HBCU_Roundtable: He forgot he had a presentation due, So he taught white people how to dance 😂😂😂 S/o to this man for doing the Lords…
RT @elisedujour: Dwight Baker's @illumina presentation on TST 170 kit & @IBMWatson for Genomics integration at #HIMSS17 @illuminaLive
Brilliant presentation by the chief #storytellers behind @NASAJPL at #summitlive this afternoon…
RT @misfitstylinson: My play be play of that award presentation
Eye-Opening Weight Loss Presentation Reveals Tips For Getting A Flat Belly -spon
RT @AkakKening: Alhamdulillah, selesai presentation😇 Esok practical pulak.
RT @ghostmanpish: Let me make this clear, I don't care! I d o n o t c a r e. And to demonstrate how much I don't care, I've prepared a PowerPoint presentation
RT @ByYourLogic: the debate on the Berkeley protests take on a new dimension if you reimagine Milo's entire presentation as kissing a 5 year old on the mouth
RT @barcastuff_real: Images: Alba at the presentation of 'Gol a Gol' which is Alba's football school #fcblive
Finally I'm done with final presentation 🎉🎊