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@dylan_raee @Trevorrowdy_ Lmao I could see you the second he said hi back just rush in there like ashton on pranked but way more savage lolo
Jensen has a virus and so I'm "doing some research on it" and I would just like to know if I'm being pranked or not
Curious if Gray pranked Ethan or scared him or somethin' bc of their snaps & tweets 🤔
RT @derekstwrt: @DomSherwood1 Are you okay since @isaiahmustafa pranked you? You look like you need a warm blanket & a hug. 🙃
RT @uniqsvt: 22. taehyun pranked minho by saying he snook out and forgot his wallet to pay and this is the first thing minho said
@buckyfucky also when john (and anton i think???) were basically forced to read "you've been pranked" off of cue cards. that too
Dogs Get Pranked! – Best of Just for Laughs Gags
RT @sassytbh: i can't believe they pranked him like this lmao
I literally just pranked someone.
RT @getdolan: someone pranked Ethan with the song "see you again" by wiz khalifa
That HAS to be a joke, am i beng pranked rn?
RT @a_cerrillo16: I honestly feel like I'm being pranked when a really cute guy thinks I'm attractive😂
They pranked me saying tht my car has been clamped hey it's nothing much but it really scared the hell out of me
@fouseyTUBE @tylerperry is it when he says, how's it feel to be pranked?
@RetardedFish19 when you got pranked bad @RiceGum follow me
Last night I pranked my friend by texting her lyrics of Very Very Very by #아이오아이 and she thought I was asking for advice @SBS_MTV #더쇼
I pranked my mom 😂😂 and I'm so grateful for my dad's existence cuz he helps me a lot 😏✌
I was pranked today and I totally fell for it 😩
My mom just pranked me with a fake mouse😭 she plays so much