Power outages

Who else is tweeting about power being out as 60mph gusts hit us in N.E.Ohio today.

RT @eemilytann: Texas Tech is about to host one of the largest Wet T-Shirt Contest this weekend bc there is a 70% chance of rain & it's a white out game...
RT @htcbro: I just spat out my cornflakes!! hahahahaha https://t.co/MoToCUvUrq
I watched the documentary called Tyke Elephant Outlaw about a circus elephant who became fed up and trampled his way out of captivity ...
It's black out for SA today and the only black shirt I can find is a bludgeon sweatshirt😅
I ain't fw them damn clowns popping out woods & chasing mfs, I smoke to much to be running man dammit😭
RT @KatesEquestrian: Lots of new products in our Sleepwear range. Look out for the Christmas PJ's....... :-) https://t.co/nOZJXFFfDh
RT @MarCC741: I bet if u tweet na kau na & then it wont work out, sabihin mo nman na hack ka lang! Jusmio Marimar! Manindigan sa mali, learn & move on!
Don't care if you be hate 'in, don't care if you make me cry, I just care that I let it out https://t.co/UPjEHDSmjN
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @Jack_Septic_Eye https://t.co/8PqoPsYxDZ The Jacksepticeye Power Hour - Dr. Septiceye
@CNET should be "How to create different contact groups on your Apple Watch before your battery runs out."
RT @Saradulib: Shawn is selling out arenas I am so proud #IlluminateWorldTourEU
Believe in the power of God and Prayer.
Standard Chartered mulls spinning out PE business: Bloomberg https://t.co/43V3NqLXTu
RT @SheniceSays: Quinn is a lot of things but she is not in love with Eric. The only thing she IS IN LOVE WITH IS HIS POWER. #BoldandBeautiful
Even when I'm not at work I'm trying to figure out ways to get money
RT @matthew_d_green: After banging out a (crummy but functional) encrypted messaging client over a weekend, I am doubly pessimistic about regulating encryption.
What the fuck happened to #bobthebuilder Check out this image #IMDb https://t.co/eXJSrYtokK
@eoheoh_out 札幌当選しました! 冬にまた会えるの楽しみにしてますねー(*^O^*)
RT @Darren32895836: Julian Assange calls out FBI James Comey 2B complicit in The Hillary Clinton Crime Cover Up!! C is for Criminal 👻✔️ https://t.co/dKdl9P6uRJ
f i n a l l y peace out pembroke pines
RT @mattyglesias: If you're freaking out about the polls, also worth asking yourself how much time you plan to spend volunteering over the next seven weeks.
RT @Friendstagram: Headphones in, music on, problems out. NYFW ROSENTHAL TEE
RT @RosyRosieTweets: Gosh 100 days to Christmas - best get these out then :-) https://t.co/INUjLmBq1s