Power outages

Who else is tweeting about power being out as 60mph gusts hit us in N.E.Ohio today.

RT @MartinJarmond: Thank you to all the students and fans who came out today in the ❄️ ...Couldn’t have done it without you in that 2n… https://t.co/ATqWbU6y4f
RT @PrisonPlanet: The witch hunt against these kids once again illustrates how the left has made a political tool out of destroying l… https://t.co/oWsv34LS3u
RT @coleyworld: MAGA wants to make America great, but not for all. MAGA wants to roll back the clock, but not for all. MAGA want… https://t.co/OnTAEnfaoh
@VicLombardi Damn Vic you selling out to the the freaking queefs never thought I'd see the day
RT @_Angiebtv: When he pulled out the jacket!!! https://t.co/F5efNUrwQi
RT @simpsonsfeed: "Am l out of touch? No, it's the children who are wrong." https://t.co/H7EC0ohtYz
RT @LeanandCuisine: My condolences but I can’t understand how you can KNOW your daughter or sister is dealing with this and not beat th… https://t.co/prGtxAKmtg
RT @FB_FilmAnalysis: Balancing out my healthy lunch with some even healthier maple chilli garlic wings and a margarita pizza from Spinni… https://t.co/7tFFjW52FN
RT @RealBillRussell: Tired of the rain, so we are chasing the sun. My wife says I still got it, I strongly disagree! All that working… https://t.co/1gdSaewJ8U
RT @SCActionImages: Zillah out scores LaSalle 15-4 in overtime to win 90-79. https://t.co/XEvlpOFDbI
RT @De_La_Suede: “Aren’t you Calvin Ridley?” “Aha yeah bro it’s me” “Wow man I’m a big fan. I been watching you since college. You a… https://t.co/l1qnGzImSV
RT @Peacharu_: Turns out getting pissed off at inanimate objects refusing to work properly is a feeling that extends into the anim… https://t.co/P18mpmhGOV
RT @Jonelle06: 4 years ago today I took my chances, took out a loan and drove this kid half way across the country to a place we n… https://t.co/oyu7CUmgEZ
@LuciferNetflix the one with the baby carrot was actually a lot more inspiring than prolly intended. Reffering to L… https://t.co/9Iz2UPJwNZ
"I brought fifty other guys to help us out"
@FrancescaOakley Thanks for reaching out. Please follow up with our UK team at @Dominos_UK so they can assist. *CH
RT @truecabellosex: Qual foi o ano que vocês nasceram? 1993 - bad things 1994 - sangria wine 1995 - she loves control 1996 - in the da… https://t.co/8X7yCQJ0IO
@Dries Optimized is the keyword there. Out-of-the-box, it's not that great. I've recently experienced this first hand. :-/
@Rosie_fluffybun Sweet Reggie 💝💞💝how nice of you😀👍we thought of you cuz we see da carrot cakey today hav a bits🥕🎂🥕… https://t.co/XHUXkFuytq
RT @Channel4News: Tomorrow, Ministers will be bringing forward long-delayed proposals to tackle domestic violence in England and Wale… https://t.co/81Yjvf6kue
30. I truly mean it when I say I care & love you all! Twitch has brought something to my life I never knew was miss… https://t.co/En0Viw7pKN
RT @GreekGodOfHops: To all the coaches out there telling young athletes & parents to only focus on one sport, you are one of the bigges… https://t.co/Vpb1Xaoarv
RT @ahmedsultan__: Joe and Peach after finding out they're both obsessed with Beck #YouNetflix https://t.co/KouIKDRheD
RT @LILGEEKCHASE: Me: why am I breaking out so much?! Also me a few days ago: https://t.co/FVPz84qoyT
RT @Ligerzero459: @ArielOfficial @DickInman @femalesrule89 @dnlscott1972 Don't forget "are cool with people starving during the shutd… https://t.co/yXUIZsloRK