Power outages

Who else is tweeting about power being out as 60mph gusts hit us in N.E.Ohio today.

RT @thisisnotxavier: one day you and your childhood friends all went out to play for the last time and none of you realized. https://t.co/20TALlmpKA
RT @madebygoogle: @bravespunch Minseok is indeed a good performer! Could you give us more details on what's going on with your Chrome… https://t.co/L5ty0422LF
RT @Knowmeee: Most Women find out they can only juggle one baby at a time so they have to let go of the boyfriend. https://t.co/BaErG0opd6
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@suitablegirl Thank you! I finally got it figured out.
RT @victorfreze: Python dance. Crocodile smile. Rat chased President out of office. Fulani's cow. Snake swallowed 36 million. Why a… https://t.co/SsHiBCdX50
RT @GuguNdabezitha: Not really. 53 "friends" came to visit me in hospital. I later found out that there were joky rumors about the scar… https://t.co/cboonqllJz
@lord_celestant @HeelanHammer Sure if that’s the only thing you’re interested in, but as I mentioned re:quality, th… https://t.co/8w5Dm3xcJJ
RT @wraithvenge: @chrsb01 @rneverdahl1 @WalshFreedom So, you seriously want us to believe that 13 Russians & $100k for ads on FB wer… https://t.co/ZCnPInR21H
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RT @maryjennaa: tiddies? Out third eye? Open they were? Roommates hotel? Trivago
I'm curious to see how it plays out. I don't know anybody who does that kind of thing (full disclosure). https://t.co/LI3PNpByAO
RT @brittontaylor: Today feels like a good day to call out the corporate partners of the @NRA.
RT @ablessedpatriot: Do you remember a similar phrase "if you like your Bible you can keep your Bible" No, they were not talking about B… https://t.co/eOnGaML9hW
RT @ColleenOwens4: #FL #VolusiaCo 🆘 SPECIAL PLEA Mia has been at the shelter for 10 years 💔 beautiful sweet girl begs for attention 😢… https://t.co/WQgAzdA09d
Hi, I woke up late today and I’m going to be locked out of my first class. Also I’m fucking exhausted. https://t.co/B8staLV7Hp
RT @beamiller: coach from new girl (my favorite show on earth) is on my flight and i’m too scared to bother him but i’m freaking out wtf
Check out my photo! Add me, TripodWafer887. #MyHorse https://t.co/LLgXos1z0D
@NSLondonMeetup Waiting list after 2 min. The tickets are sold out faster then for Taylor Swift 😆
RT @HUNTYCHAN: ever since i found out rednecks have access to the internet my life has not known peace https://t.co/L0Q3P1wjey
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RT @SarahDriverDYT: To manage behaviour systemically- you need to look at how those with a special educational need (8 out of 10 are si… https://t.co/Lrio6p9OKS
RT @DuckDuckGo: We're looking for frontend and backend engineers to join our international community of extraordinary individuals w… https://t.co/1yR0MASsqK