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@thedavidcrosby Not familiar with her but Margo Timmons of Cowboy Junkies kills Youngs’ Powderfinger.
Powderfinger, by Neil Young. Brilliant!
I fuckin love that Powderfinger’s ‘Like A Dog’ is about John Howard #likeadog
Powderfinger - These Days (final ever performance) https://t.co/Vm8tZv6E83 via @YouTube
Imagine by Neil Young Hurt by Johnny Cash (Trent agrees!) Sweet Jane and Powderfinger by Cowboy Junkies https://t.co/2Xc2RS4Olb
🎧 Powderfinger (1991 Live) by Neil Young & Crazy Horse on @pandoramusic https://t.co/fXIp37Vrkt
Just think of me as one you’d never figured Would fade away so young With so much left undone Neil Young and Cra… https://t.co/K60ftnQm2U
Now Playing LIVE From #CapeTown Powderfinger - My Happiness - Tune In Here! -> https://t.co/UMg54OtDMu
🇦🇺 AUSTRALIA DAY WEEKEND 🇦🇺 Saturday 26/1 - Clearway Sunday 27/1 - Ultimate Aussie Rock Night feat These Days (Powd… https://t.co/YA6oAsd9bb
@AuConservatives @bernardfanning @Spotify @powderfinger_au So out of touch - where's Mikey's Hollow? - classic Aussie song
Congratulations @bernardfanning, making the #AC100 #AustraliaDay @Spotify playlist again for a second year with 'Wi… https://t.co/3wAz6OEHNj
Acdc - School days Beatles - I should have known better Powderfinger - How far have we really come https://t.co/kBjJNQPGrP
@BettePiddler @tongotongoz @MissaMHx @muskogyon *Former members of the Brisbane band 'Powderfinger' excluded. Those guys are alright. 👍
@XaviEllis18 Bernard: King (chef), Sumner (New Order singer), Julien (left arm bowler West Indies), Langer (golfer)… https://t.co/Z7I8aZrK92
Cowboy Junkies - Powderfinger
Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Powderfinger, live, 1979 https://t.co/QMv8upVgDt @YouTubeさんから
@GoldenEraOnline BDO2000: Rammstein, sonicanimation, Frenzal Rhomb, powderfinger, Coldplay, Carl Cox, and possibly… https://t.co/Ea39nMRA9I
@YaThinkN @Kynes3 Love Powderfinger as well! Bernard Fanning's solo stuff just doesn't do it for me though. One of… https://t.co/Meu4VFdZ5v
How good is this🤙. Love Your Way - Powderfinger https://t.co/ge7KJuSrPG via @YouTube
@Kynes3 @Old_Rando No argument from me there. I would have Powderfinger as my fave all time Brisbane band. Love The… https://t.co/JabQyPgFe7
@YaThinkN @Old_Rando Since we're talking Brissie bands then Powderfinger at the very top for me. And a very honorab… https://t.co/5e4c3R3oQJ