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@RNKNVISUALS Instead of liberty it should read "poverty" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
RT @rositastef: All going 2plan Only SHAREHOLDERS/owners will benefit from growth We will B trapped in poverty/controls All the gro… https://t.co/3KUCNAb343
RT @APAPublicInt: In 10 mins, tune into @APA's Facebook Live on #poverty, #scarcity & decision-making w @DoctorRamani & @david_yokum… https://t.co/a1lcgyutUW
RT @guardiannews: More than 250,000 people in England are homeless, says Shelter https://t.co/yck297FQ5U
Insurance cover up, but medical expenses push more into poverty https://t.co/pMOJZLwJsg
RT @jrireland1: Like, whites are sooooo bland, what we need is 200,000 uneducated people who can excite us with their unemployment and exotic poverty
RT @biaagcanada: When girls are educated, they can lift themselves, their families & communities out of poverty!… https://t.co/H44Z0VZf1E
Meet my humble self grinding poverty small business card?: iqxcV
RT @HarvardChanSPH: "Blood pressure is a condition of poverty, not affluence." https://t.co/FPtmquC81v https://t.co/WVyF7Rmnvk
RT @billwurtz: ready set eradicate poverty
RT @MikeGrunwald: Unemployment down to 4.6%. Wages and graduation rate rising. Poverty and uninsured rate falling. Thank God this dystopia is almost over!
RT @LFCapitalism: For the First Time in History, Less than 10% of Humanity Lives in Extreme Poverty https://t.co/PwyhKTG4ho
RT @GabrielSaidR: Happy Feast Day of Blessed Charles de Foucault who spent many years in poverty and prayer in the Algerian desert. https://t.co/nY71dMWOdd
RT @andysearson: The bare faced hypocrisy of Nick Clegg bleating about how people have suffered for 7 years! Hello you were right there orchestrating poverty
@waymgnyc Here, let's play a yes or no game. Are poverty levels better now than when Obama took office?
@mossie1978 @mbindwane We are saying that they must be committed to fighting poverty! Is that too much to ask? People r suffering, is tough
RT @PDChina: #China pulls over 700M ppl out of poverty since outset of reform in 1978, gives around $58B aid to other countries… https://t.co/nhTIylsJH5
RT @UNFPA: "Failing to invest in #girls is nothing less than planned #poverty," says @UNFPAJordan's Dan Baker: https://t.co/R0bEH1xf6M @nytimes @AP
RT @MBawumia: For the NPP, the challenges of development and poverty in the country should not be a matter of geographical location. #VoteAkufoAddo
Fight rural poverty by teaching beekeeping with this job opportunity at Appalachian Headwaters. https://t.co/iKxei2tFAN
but tech do already employ numbers of latinos but only for poverty level wages. #02286f16
You put 94 million people in poverty,you took our middle class away,you snook hundreds of thousands of illegals in https://t.co/KUlBCcMb9i
More breaking new: In his first 3 minutes of office @LukeClements32 has cured cancer, ended world hunger, and destroyed poverty !
Insurance cover up, but medical expenses push more into poverty https://t.co/kWyhL6rUep https://t.co/9HgKDH7xvq
中国で21年前に死刑執行された男性が再審無罪に いっぽう日本は再審を拒否した https://t.co/370715KZcM ついに司法でも日本は中国に抜かれた