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RT @Dear_Salmah: https://t.co/D7jkuKMKa7 Every pound counts!!! Let's save Hauwa please🙏😭
She likes it slow from the front and fast from the back put that pound game on her and hit it from the back
454 U.S. dollar bills weigh exactly one pound.
RT @lisasharper: At 1:12:16 in the Black Hebrew member's video, you hear Nathan Phillip's drum begin to pound. 16/ https://t.co/oKejnRtIQc
RT @KimberlywXXX: Naughty filthy @Emmawattsonxx all alone on the couch looking and waiting for a huge cock to pound her and keep her… https://t.co/S24JObuuAQ
Excellent fridge inventory. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Congratulations on voting with your pound very well indeed. 🤔Gotta ditch those r… https://t.co/3ysIMoEQqf
RT @DavidMurphyMMA: @arielhelwani @HenryCejudo @BellaTwins From 260 pound John Cena to 140 pound Henry Cejudo ... these side-by-side pi… https://t.co/ItlnmASDmK
RT @Dear_Salmah: https://t.co/D7jkuKMKa7 Every pound counts!!! Let's save Hauwa please🙏😭
RT @CatesDuane: 12. The people that are haranguing us & taking every excuse to take a pound of Social Media Flesh will be right the… https://t.co/SgcWG0E4NH
Just bought the Humphrey Carpenter Tolkien biography for a mighty £2.45. Can't wait to read tales of him capturing… https://t.co/cGqfh2Peyv
When all you need is something sweet in your life, stop by MG's and have a slice of this Vanilla-Rum-Orange Pound c… https://t.co/cwopZa1DtV
The Jolly Banker: Pound tumbles to 20-month low after Britain's May ... https://t.co/vOlsOMAYVG
Nice to see the UK Pound £ pushing up to US $1.295 today and above 1.14 versus the Euro 😃#GBP
RT @TomPelissero: Drama as Senior Bowl week begins: Western Illinois DT Khalen Saunders (AKA 320-pound backflip guy) just found out h… https://t.co/v1GFf6Njmm
RT @GenePark: My #TheBachelor banter made it into our recap of last night's episode: I call the predictable backstabbing shit-tal… https://t.co/XnrXqgwYgH
Done with meaninglessly jerking off in 2019.... if I pound it it’s gonna be because I truly love myself
RT @calojero_: More like a delicious half pound bag of tropical skittles https://t.co/y2Od7cTkdG
RT @brycemfnwayne: Everywhere I go I’m smelling like a pound
RT @MozzoCelebs: RT if you wanna pound Ariana Grandes tiny ass then cum all up inside it https://t.co/fkcxgBBDr9
RT @thejamesdixon: Brexiteers love of country extends to the moment they can make a single pound more elsewhere https://t.co/KmRBMZsK2h
Just did a Zumba and pound class on a tennis court with about 50 Arab ladies, dancing/drumming/shimmying shoulder t… https://t.co/lCEmFnkT7a
RT @nairunny3: #ModiForNetaji if jagdish chandra bose is put on a 50 pound note.. We should put subash chandra bose on the notes t… https://t.co/pHV1pBQs8y
RT @DeannaRadio: Costco Has a Valentine’s Day Chocolate Tower made up of a pound of chocolate😋 #costco #chocolatetower… https://t.co/zzC28TH8wq
It's not too early to order our chocolate dipped strawberries for Valentine's Day! Plan ahead to make sure you get… https://t.co/4rrU0LIDdj