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RT @Thooorin: Reached 200k plebs following me on twitter. Your validation means nothing to me.
If there are skeletons hiding in your family closet, be ready ... More for Leo https://t.co/Z1A5UJtXIW
RT @BGSGeog5: Thank you to Haworth Councillor Rebecca Poulsen @WorthVllyChamp for discussing rural regeneration with @BradfordGrammar geographers today!
In 1900 the Telegraphone was patented by Valdemar Poulsen and soon became the technology of choice for answering machines
Nice! Louis Poulsen achieves success with planning and consolidation https://t.co/LJOF5cpLxV
INTERVIEW with @WFPChiefEcon: Four #famines mean 20 million may starve in the next six months.… https://t.co/aU021ilGKi
@GodlyVibe you're tweets are literally life
RT @CarolineAberg1: .@camillabruckner @pernillefenger & @Anne_Poulsen Nordic Directors of #UNDP #UNFPA and #WFP at @Sida to discuss… https://t.co/0DzRakBKCr
RT @WFP_Tanzania: Thanks to @EUinTZ for € 9.25 million support to @WFP project to boost food security and nutrition in #Tanzania… https://t.co/Xhj91IdGyj
Sony ericsson xperia poulsen arc contract- bearing so that subsist purchased: EaB
RT @sgnlthelgthoops: Erik Poulsen (Santa Rosa) had 17 points and 21 rebounds in the win.
RT @sgnlthelgthoops: Erik Poulsen (Santa Rosa) had 17 points and 21 rebounds in the win.
Erik Poulsen (Santa Rosa) had 17 points and 21 rebounds in the win.
RT @GordonRamsay: The table cloth has more decoration on it ! https://t.co/jInBSV4qDy
RT @LeniStenseth: Annual partnership meeting between @WFP and Norway. Together providing food assistance to millions in need worldwid… https://t.co/Sb7UvDsfWz
Und hier der Text zum lesen:) LVZ 17.02.2017 Auszeit für einen Unverwüstlichen Hobby-Model Yussuf Poulsen... https://t.co/LywXHmXski
Out talking with Sellers on Prague St in San Francisco's Excelsior District. I love seeing the… https://t.co/i6zeMQLLvC
RT @hashim0307: Throwback to when Benitez tried to sell Alonso to buy Gareth Barry, but Ranieri didn't want him because he was slo… https://t.co/AB5Pcvr54z
Lámparas Above de Louis Poulsen https://t.co/Et6lrxTx6U
Thanks for the follow Thomas Poulsen... Make today your best day ever!
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почему-то хочется послушать марш 'прощание славянки'
RT @WFP_Tanzania: .@WFP is grateful to Denmark for DKK 6 million to provide lifesaving food to refugees in #Tanzania https://t.co/m1wUUAW2rm
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