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South Africans are gatvol of dagga prohibition - New Germany man gets R5 000 bail for drug possession https://t.co/z5QPHF099z #cannabis
@ugatarinai @possession_ebi 1200円の8%だから、1296円。 1296円1枚と1080円9枚で、11016円 1296円6枚と1080円3枚で、11016円 これが一番端数でないですね!
RT @TessBorden: End vicious cycle of drug possession arrests, focus on effective health strategies instead, new @hrw @ACLU report… https://t.co/bqkiDic23u
@PakPak_2 라스트섶 부르고 Possession 해줘야해요
Asian real number chattels legal possession wear opportunities overshadowing multifarious others are inner self… https://t.co/lF93JGKfni
@GoldKrisgold @AngeBlue55 It's asking too much for THESE PLAYERS (esp Midfielders) to go 90 mins keeping possession with NO DESIRE.
@LODHA I fell for the brand name.Its Overrated. Still no possession date.Local builders much better than @LODHA Very disappointing
Housing drop in-Sheffield 10-12. Call into see us for advice about homelessness, rent arrears or threat of possession.
RT @Ssongforu: [#송포유:밤을걷는선B] 송포유 7화 임병근배우님편 열여덟번째셋리스트 더데빌 : POSSESSION #그_누구도_예측못한_거대한_선B의_난 #끝나는_시간_바뀐날_블랙_셑데이… https://t.co/lADHh6GP8w
Commission idea: Hyena ghost possession. Turns victim into a verdic hyena girl and makes her suck herself off. Change is permanent.
The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart.
RT @JaymamonJ: something scratched up quick since I got tagged! My number one possession is my van shaped lunchbag. https://t.co/2dnUVflkpq
RT @Ssongforu: [#송포유:밤을걷는선B] 송포유 7화 임병근배우님편 열여덟번째셋리스트 더데빌 : POSSESSION #그_누구도_예측못한_거대한_선B의_난 #끝나는_시간_바뀐날_블랙_셑데이… https://t.co/lADHh6GP8w
"The most precious possession thjt e.er comes to a man in this world is a woman'suheart." - Josiah G. Hclland
@guythefighter Nintendo devait être en possession, puis ouf personne ne le lit lol
RT @theempressnic: I don't care if it's your Spouse. Another human being is not your possession. Y'all gotta stop trying to control people
RT @DerbyshireRPU: Pursuit and TPAC Derby to Staffs. Driver no docs, under influence of drink in possession of drugs refused to provid… https://t.co/usn6XNL2ZJ
RT @OrlandoPolice: These are the guns Markeith Loyd had in his possession when he was captured. That a high-capacity drum which holds… https://t.co/YI4sBd5FTX
RT @Ssongforu: [#송포유:밤을걷는선B] 송포유 7화 임병근배우님편 열여덟번째셋리스트 더데빌 : POSSESSION #그_누구도_예측못한_거대한_선B의_난 #끝나는_시간_바뀐날_블랙_셑데이… https://t.co/lADHh6GP8w
La fatigue, l'énervement, le dégoût, le méprit + la lassitude a pris possession dmon corps
RT @Keepitonthedeck: Looking to improve players decision making when playing forward? 3 vs 1 into 1 vs 1 with Counter Pressing when defe… https://t.co/k1VktLGAyi
If power has got forces of possession, then Yahya Jammeh should be possessed https://t.co/IX2WMUHCqs
RT @Jojofinchers: Discussion now moves on to discuss spirit possession and witchcraft https://t.co/zVzA0j3qCm
RT @Ems09: #bmagsafeguarding witchcraft and spirit possession- raising awareness to safeguard children from consequence including siblings @tavi&port