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Stunning animal #photos that will make you want to hop on a plane to #Africa https://t.co/HXznJp9bcQ via @POPSUGAR #TravelTuesday #Travel
Kangen tingkah polahnya yang lucu... 😘😍😎 #AnakLanangKesayangan #AnakLanangKebanggaan [vid] — https://t.co/s2NlRcjVdw
RT @Sepsakon: ลูกไม้ย่อมหล่นไม่ไกลต้น นี่คือ Max Portnoy ลูกชายวัย 17 ปี ของ Mike Portnoy อดีตมือกลอง Dream Theater https://t.co/1CmfPJ1usK
'Absolutely fucking amazing mr. Paul Gilbert' - Mike Portnoy on… ♫ While My Guitar Gently Weeps by @thebeatleshttps://t.co/lqVKymcxAk
【Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare】アメリカ出身のへヴィメタルバンドの曲。 元Dream TheaterのMike Portnoyをドラマーに迎えて製作したからか、微妙にプログレっぽいです。https://t.co/r9EGB10scA
こんにちは♪ DRUMMER和幸ッス( ̄^ ̄)ゞ 昨日二月二十日は祖母の97歳の誕生日でした ♪( ´θ`)ノ 自分の休みが たまたま重なり家族集まってのパーティーo(^▽^)o … https://t.co/7NXknQmCqp
RT @PardonMyTake: Introducing the hottest track of 2017 - Mike Portnoy feat. Max B "Oobah" https://t.co/Z5y7sC00YV
@steewartbaxter hubieramos quedado desde antes, ya tengo mi boleto. :( Vamos a ver a Portnoy, jaja.
@francisbarstool Portnoy looks like a huge DBag in this video not you. Keep shooting!!
@francisbarstool who's on the compensation committee? Dave Portnoy and Pave Dortnoy?
"要怎樣做才能不再看到一大堆直播app的網路廣告?" ( https://t.co/RjfQZJJd69 )
Q4 Is The ‘Super Bowl’ Of Real Estate Tax Season -> https://t.co/bQI3E4Eqff
@stoolpresidente @francisbarstool Francis, only one way to get back at this 40 year old dolt, ask @Renee_Portnoy out
@TheClemReport Celtics are gonna trade for Paul Pierce, Boston wins a championship. Portnoy wins. Melo stays in NY & we continue to blow
Mientras vaya a ver a Opeth y a Portnoy me conformo, a los RHCP ya los vi 🤔🤗
Name a more talented actor than Jeff Portnoy I dare you
3 pessoas visualizaram seu perfil agora https://t.co/jRid402Is7
I just sat here for 42 seconds listening to mr portnoy mispronounce uber on repeat https://t.co/OaBrOm68mr
RT @unsmokabIe: what it's like listening to the 1975 https://t.co/0fMKtLLX4B
Stephen Portnoy : Some Theorems on Optimality of a Single Observation Confidence Interval for the Mean of a Nor... https://t.co/D7ipuHmDIQ
こんなのはじめて見た!! JOURNEY + Jerry Portnoy, Albert King, Luther Allison & Pinetop Perkins (1978) https://t.co/1TYS4Nr8HI