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@hotoynoodle @ShelleyElwood @BloodQZ @deerlady83 I don't put a lot of faith in their interpretation and would end u… https://t.co/1Lfkniuu1q
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RT @Union_Patrie: Condamnation symbolique mais importante! Et s'il y a récidive? On la renvoie au pays des chameaux faire la belle? https://t.co/fUFNtXzldE
@ReaIPortiaDiaz @MeSoIconic Portia we all know your dual citizen ass flew Britain just for voting Theresa May and B… https://t.co/1Hi33neFXh
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RT @yicaichina: Chinese Firms Have Defaulted on USD3 Billion in Bonds So Far This Year https://t.co/3jkqtONy8f https://t.co/qNPs1GTOep
RT @jacob_tievy: In order to expose the cloutless (@rockyandthesun) it’s time to get #rockydoesntgotclout trending
RT @superpidge: How can anyone forget that harrowing phone call from Charlotte Campbell to @piersmorgan and @susannareid100 on GMB… https://t.co/Hm3clPpz1m
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RT @GSKINOT: British version of “i could've dropped my croissant ” https://t.co/v2xLSVwAqu
Portia De Rossi was always the funniest anyway
Maybe there's a reason Portia wasn't there. https://t.co/VZs9cgwZK7
Anyways, I only stan Jessica Walter, Alia Shawkat, Portia de Rossi, Judy Greer, and Mae Whitman. Making the joke f… https://t.co/4RsEBkVcR1
RT @_ElizabethMay: can't wait until they invent something i can drink out of because my cupped palms can only hold so much beer https://t.co/35LlpUvrb0
We had 6 adoptions today! Congratulations to Dani and Portia (pictured together) and Raisin the kittens; Jesse the… https://t.co/QN985hqq0a
RT @thejonaxxstyle: Yung trinatry mo maging loyal sa bias mo pero dahil sa sobrang daming dumadating na jboys: -Portia https://t.co/9LxY6mga2v
@aarond @arthur_affect Totally heard that in Portia de Rossi's voice
what the fuck ? then quit bitch. while we’re at it, fire the whole cast except alia, michael cera, portia, and jess… https://t.co/S1MgMzhupE