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Hey listen!! #music #rock #pop #hits #np Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes on https://t.co/ydKHN5KLEM
RT @eliza_belle1205: Who needs a bf when you have amazing dogs that will never leave you💙 https://t.co/gzu21zSssm
RT @grantkimberlin_: No matter who is President, Jesus is still King!
all my friends have boyfriends and i'm just here like my dog loves me
Hay un lugar tan especial...(8) en el infierno para todos los malditos perros!! By Paty
RT @stacehirsh: Songs that bring you back to that exact moment in time
yo eliza just called trump called crispy 😂😂😂😂
RT @ABC: Pres. Obama, Michelle Obama send farewell message: "We want to thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts."… https://t.co/E3swQjiADT
RT @mcnuggetharry: 'caroline' rapper aminé serving the hottest of teas and using his national television platform very effectively https://t.co/PEx2z5OYeQ
"You can never make America great again. All you did is make America hate again" https://t.co/qdFX7MZOaQ
RT @pettyblackgirI: Chrissy Teigen has some of the funniest clapbacks on twitter. She's honestly me as a celebrity. https://t.co/oR2lwNIn8V
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그 손으로 붙잡아라!!
おれらのツイッター おれらのTLを返してくれ…
@maid_maetel 日頃の行いが悪いから壊れたんですねw見習いに戻りなさいってことだなw 今日は行けんけど、頑張ってなぁー(≧∀≦)
I would so love to play Eliza someday. LOL https://t.co/jW82bj3CRg
I just wanna get drunk....
RT @femaIes: My friends: Hey... could you try not to be so extra tonight... it's kind of embarrassing. Me: https://t.co/ri488LGUJ6
Just gonna say it: even though I'm a gay guy I'd 1000% turn for queen @ayiiia_eliza
初音ミク オリジナル曲 『ブリキノダンス』 https://t.co/M3C3FUq2DX #nicobox #nowplaying
@CourtneyHYates you & @eorlins are together?! I love you both to pieces!! (Even though I haven't met Eliza, I know we're kindred spirits) 💚