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RT @yellowloser: maybe it was too ahead of it’s time for certain people...lil pump who https://t.co/metj6qw3JK
RT @abundancevibes: When you love what you have, you have everything you need.
RT @nok_nicejung: ตัวอะไรทำไมน่ารัก😂😂😂✨ https://t.co/WrBljdHDR6
RT @capirojesca: TEXTO NOVO NO BLOG. Eliza Lynn Linton foi a primeira jornalista assalariada na Grã-Bretanha. Escreveu, em 1872, o c… https://t.co/nbY5CPgtfz
RT @tjournal: В Японии два кота постоянно пытаются попасть в местный музей, но их не пускают охранники. Противостояние длится уже… https://t.co/3jKQ2JkvKg
RT @aubreeclarkk: when i tell u guys puberty saved my fucking life https://t.co/eH71D9SJIo
Spirit here... Elvira or Eliza or Elijah... Hear music like an instrument... Does anyone connect?
@Eliza_Do_Lots So you have certified selective hearing?? 🙌🏻 Awesome! ;)
@eliza_bethan Wow you’re just messing up all over today. First you don’t have obscure liquor and second you’re try… https://t.co/E6ah9bR6Gm
RT @DJD_EGO: —¿Y como está el clima por donde vives? — https://t.co/RDMOTqn2Og
RT @RenaissanceNunz: I’d much rather drop 30 bags on a honeymoon than a wedding https://t.co/LwZm8VyeFk
@Eliza_0091 ありがとうございます!そうなんですよ...!そして当分はこの子で色々ウヒヒな事描きまくるぐらいハマっております...!