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@TricksterX10 < membantumu, Nak, tetapi...' Aku... aku tidak biasa memerintah seseorang. Hidupku sebagai anggota terendah Port Mafia dulu >
If you can't accept losing,you can't win #TGIF @ Port Harcourt City https://t.co/4CIaV3ARx8
RT @cheshirepolice: For info, there is currently an abnormal load travelling from Congleton towards Ellesmere Port via M53, may cause some traffic disruption
Одесский морской торговый порт возглавит «почтовик» и юрист: Мининфраструктуры Украины назначит руководителем... https://t.co/gPRIUJNAiT
RT @ani30oct: I was thinking to port from Vodafone to @reliancejio bt if SRK is ambassador of Jio, I wil nt port nw #JioRemoveSRK https://t.co/yyQxUfuM9o
DP World Wins Concession For Port Of Berbera In Somaliland | Global Trade Magazine https://t.co/39fRwfx41s
RT @StateDeptLive: .@JohnKerry: More than 60 nations – including the United States – have now ratified the Port State Measures Agreement. #OurOcean
UP: tcp_port CN Asia (Hangzhou - Aliyun) ( reported from US West (San Francisco - Digital Ocean)
Couple Brutalized By Police For Having Tattoos In Port Harcourt... https://t.co/NzdAVPKP75
Couple Brutalized By Police For Having Tattoos In Port Harcourt https://t.co/7BZToUwBGx https://t.co/MgOihz6QaE
Couple Brutalized By Police For Having Tattoos In Port Harcourt... https://t.co/9Pq9rC15zm
@LordSinclair3DS tant mieux ^^ je ne suis pas encore prêt à avoir aucun port
DOWN: tcp_port TW Asia (Taiwan) 2 ( reported from KR Asia (S. Korea - KT4 IDC)
Michael Youn x Vieux Port de la Rochelle https://t.co/4387QVlZ1z
I'm at Paradise Cove in Port Charlotte, FL https://t.co/9ubElnBr5c
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube de @NeguchiMaroyama - [FR Let's play Cities Skylines episode 59 : La ZI du port, timelapse et cinématique
Popular on 500px : Port. Barcelona by JuanMario https://t.co/vCm7AqGxC2 https://t.co/ktMPJH7kuU
Pera, acho q tem prova de port tbm
How could they turn a decision over on that footage 😳
In Port Orange, Florida, Assistant District Attorney Robyn Hodkiewicz charged a Cuban sandwich with unlawful use of a vehicle.
[VÍDEO] Vertiginós descens en monopatí pel Port de la Bonaigua https://t.co/siiVIu9VCP #pallars
RT @jorgrmolina: @LePortdAttache port bara cote sauvage * quiberon une crique sublime la cote en quartz dore et granit * https://t.co/03wABqRPoD