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Mama: ano ayaw mo pang kumain? Me: ayoko Mama: magprito ka ng hotdog at porkchop minarinate ko na yun Me: ayoko Mam… https://t.co/VecX2ftpn7
Mataas na yung sikat ng araw pauwi palang kami grabeee yung almost 12hrs tatapang eh hahaha so yun, HAPPY BIRTHDAYY… https://t.co/dqH3xsKyRU
RT @_marlee_mal: Bills: You guys ready to play this 2nd half with some heart? Vontae Davis: https://t.co/JfafsDpqM7
RT @CuteEmergency: me after I look at my back account 📹: porkchop_thegolden https://t.co/rgvCjSXhXD
@Twitter Uhhh... nati is short for natalia. Costtelinha means something like “little ribs” or “porkchop” (like doug… https://t.co/Ur9Vbf6Czf
at dahil ako nagluto ng porkchop na sobrang crispy, kakain na ko!!! 🤗
I am utterly impressed by Porkchop's Adventure. First F&F:LTR, now this. I have hope for FNaF fangames again.
Kids nowadays have their Apple watches but in MY day we had to make do with looking for a porkchop in a synagogue
Atoy’s porkchop or tudings sa sta. rosa🤤🤤
RT @wil_lutz5: At the end of the day it’s not “just a game” to us, this is our livelihood. Our careers rely on personal performanc… https://t.co/hH3yf2dxGQ
RT @BarkyBoogz: “Who the fook is ‘Jameis’?” https://t.co/fICQ1a7b4p
@MeganMarie289 Porkchop!!! I remember the baby pics you shared of him! ❤️❤️
RT @jenzhuscott: When the warning says stay inside, stay inside. #TyphoonManghkut #HK https://t.co/figSqRhuMq
RT @Ilcapitano94: If every porkchop was perfect, we wouldn't have strap ons https://t.co/BjES2gmn1l
Thanks #BFF for making my favorite dishes #Porkchop #Sinigang #FeedUS! 😋😋😋🍴 https://t.co/6zyHKDtC3X
pan seared porkchop, asparagus and mashed potatoes 🤗
Once you’ve seen a man thread a screwdriver through another mans ear and twist, there’s really not much left to see. #HIAC
anghang ng porkchop😄
Porkchop sandwiches!
RT @DannyMaun: Congratulations on his 100th @BatleyRLFC appearance. The legend the crowd hero! One of the best players I’ve seen… https://t.co/28OFjIhwDl
@bodaBilll @chollosotiangco Mukha ba kong t bone steak hahahahaha kala ko porkchop
Thank u daddybear sa treat para sa mga bata Thank u lola Ederlina sa shoes po para kay nini and porkchop.Thank u Go… https://t.co/OLFORjQNzJ