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@souljaboy I see you you not working out in the gym i'll have my popcorn & Heineken ready for the fight night !!are you born ready boyyy
Just started watching 'US got trumped'. A bit too unrealistic for my taste. Let's see where the show is going. Popcorn ready #Trumped
RT @Tht1Paki_Rizvi: Popcorn ready for when Donald Trump Gets impeached over twitter live.
@alyssereneee I got my popcorn ready
Hollee about to end mr Onion stinker. Get your popcorn ready ladies.
H21BD my hot cheeto eatin, popcorn lovin, chicken wing fanatic friend!!! Ready to see them empty bottles by the end… https://t.co/mOXDAuovUg
@TheQMcConathy I have popcorn and I'm ready for the show
@jonathanalter @Lawrence it won't be long be4 some1 gets pissed, defects & revels all his lies. Getin' my popcorn ready
RT @BillyBaldwin: Get the popcorn ready... tonight's SNL's gonna be a GOOD one!!! #SNL #TheResistance #unPRESIDENTed #GoldenShowers… https://t.co/aH8429wJ6f
@inkydojikko I'm always on the lookout for new podcasts - keen to give this one a listen! *gets popcorn ready for my drive to work*
@DoubleDiggur get out your popcorn and be ready to cleanup what's left when they're done
@LesliePozsonyi me too. Popcorn is ready to go and I truly cannot wait for it all to unfold.
RT @Tht1Paki_Rizvi: Popcorn ready for when Donald Trump Gets impeached over twitter live.
Popcorn and icy cold Pepsi ready for season ending Sherlock, a favorite show https://t.co/bzJ4U7paFu
@oh_my_kesh A brilliant idea! Please ensure the couch is clean and popcorn is ready when you invite me over for this 😜
@Every5thDay get the popcorn ready when he faces Baltimore, more than usual lol
RT @si_nfl: Get your popcorn ready for next week: Packers AT Falcons, 3:05 pm. Steelers AT Patriots, 6:40 pm.… https://t.co/vXGZJcy61q