Poor Jenson

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@kurtwyled think he benefitted like Lewis, but still good. Poor Jenson got taken out by the rookie or could have been great day for McLaren
Omg those crashes hope magnesun is ok his head guard when flying poor jenson button as well such a shame that's idiot drivers #BelgiumGP
Poor Jenson thanks Manor #spa
@McLarenF1 Poor Jenson 😞😞😞
Poor Jenson Button u knew as soon as he was delighted with Quali then he was doomed for race. #shitluck
@dkwilsonisland Poor Jenson for that dog of a car/season yes, the reason Merc/Lewis is getting such comments is because he is so dominant.
2015 with McLaren's PU problems it was poor Jenson and silly F1. With Lewis Hamilton Mercedes is breaking the spirit of the rules. #F1
@jamespugh Poor Jenson never learned to ask for things.
'Poor Jenson, with Maldonado you don't know whether he's going to come left, come right or come over the top of you'