Poor Chantelle

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O M G... catching up on #HolbyCity and Fletches daughter gets rushed in poor Fletch😦
@abigailsharples I hope he doesn't too😦his poor kids where will they go and yeh😂the bill was awesome back then haha x
@WhoopseyDaisy @chantelle_gm poor Harry! And he has no idea 😔
@TommyShakes Congratulations! Poor old Chantelle didn't get a look in.
RT @TechnicallyRon: The human body is amazing, you're basically a brain powering a steak suit and your mission is to just make poor life choices.
@TweetBluewater do you have any comments about this incident? Those poor people. https://t.co/zTwpeolqDu
Brighton pub bans work parties to focus on regulars | <<< poor old Chantelle from accounts!! https://t.co/fWwxf7vgjC