Tweets about a recent trend: Poof

Wonder how much they paid to (surreptitiously) acquire StartCom. Cos that investment just went *poof*.
I was looking for a more appropriate emoticon for “POOF” i.e. “Up in Smoke” or “Disappeared before our eyes.” No f… https://t.co/httr9759oI
From that point.. Jan 1st... it doesn't matter if we are the best of friends, if you come with the bullshit watch me disappear like *poof*
@SF9official you'll come back with a selca in 3..2...1 poof!
RT @gregory_cerge: Now we all can see how fast the 6 billion dollars missing from the state department can go.... Poof it's gone https://t.co/dCqNHQSNTb
@muffy_poof @quaniela @x_Brokkoli_x nächstes jahr wenn wir wieder Kohle haben QAQ
//I’m talking my entire life. Like, literally for as long as i’ve known Tony Stark he’s been shown a certain way. t… https://t.co/ujcPOpI77p
Gusto kong mawala poof magic 😂~
What? she looks prettier with short hair https://t.co/rIimzD6QR4
So fking wasted
Fucking sketching make me waste so much time
Watch as I magically switch locations! *poof* OOO LOOK AT ME IN A DIFFERENT LOCATION OOO
Anyway this week I'm an undercover cop .not a poof like the week before
@BDsPearl Summons her nunchucks and pushes them down on Pearl's throat, "I'm gonna poof you!"
@boredyuki //ummm I'll try -tries to poof over-
@muffy_poof @quaniela @x_Brokkoli_x Müssen uns mal wieder so treffen 😙💕
cosmo was the one that carried and had poof? can we say #areach #headassery https://t.co/9shhd4cjel
RT @PotterWorldUK: "But that's life, I suppose. You go along and then suddenly, poof." – Slughorn https://t.co/nglgWyAmkw
RT @rampagejrap: @AmgMedikal Poof!! Poof!!! saaa wate .. where ever u dey we also go dey der some...Vienna tinx #TooRisky
RT @ErrrkIsQueen: & just like that ... poof 😴
& just like that ... poof 😴
RT @MidnightDlightt: Male fairies give birth so Cosmo was the one that had Poof. Know your fairy history smh https://t.co/SnGFYqRjes
RT @maelatte: *POOF*, i lost interest