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Had one of those mornings where you close your eyes for a minute and poof you're running late for work.
@TheRickWilson And like that.... The Judge was gone.... *Poof* https://t.co/jMU0JTcFjA
Does he melt? Does he go *poof* and disappear? Does he make up different shit to yell with no evidence to support his claims?
See, how it works is if you ignore a problem, it goes away. Poof just like magic. #climate https://t.co/5WpZOfL1Tw
RT @JeunesseHQ: Crow's feet? Poof! Gone. Get visible results on fine lines and wrinkles with Instantly Ageless! Learn more at… https://t.co/p8uA1RZN3I
RT @blnogueiraa: eu só queria um poof/colchão no grêmio de novo 💔
Of course Colt finally comes inside, lays down and poof. Out like a light. And then there's me. 😤😐
So apparently if I phone anyone using TrueCaller my name shows as 'Craig the Poof'. Well done whoever that person was.
who just disappeared like poof
POOF! BOOM! POW! it's like magic 🙂
Then after a week, I watched Pour Up MV and then poof, I became a lowkey stan. AND I LISTENED TO 130 MOOD : TRBL AND MY LOVE FOR HIM GREW
RT @LindaRiley8: Pleased to hear the @metpoliceuk are prosecuting the Taxi driver who called me a'f-ing poof' @TfL @SaveTaxi Homophobia is a criminal offense
My hair has been in a poof for over a week. I just can't find the energy to twist it lol
Holy Smoke...had almost 1100 followers and poof almost 200 vanished...WOW.
RT @robf2106: look i love Meryl Streep as much as the next poof but can we stop with that meme.
@BookWormCharl A Mexican magician says he will disappear on the count of 3. He says "uno, dos..." poof. He disappeared without a tres. #day3
RT @lilaubiegirl: @lexao3 I know dis is cwazy! It be 80 degrees one day poof den it snows! It gonna be SHARKNADO SOON
@leesklmt do not poof again : c hugs your waist!!
RT @blnogueiraa: eu só queria um poof/colchão no grêmio de novo 💔
eu só queria um poof/colchão no grêmio de novo 💔
RT @LiviaQuinn: You're a powerful magician. Expect. Believe. Act. = Poof! There is it! - Maimah Karmo @Maimah #quote