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I am spacing out. Kalimot ko asa ako kwarta buing na nagunit pako ato 1 min ago niya poof! kalimot ko asa
JUDY: my whole wife is a lie PEEVE: k JUDY'S WIFE: yeah i never existed *POOF*
And sometimes you find someone who makes you forget all the shit that happened before they showed up. Just like...*poof*.
RT @MaureenDe2: Poof a465224 Prince Georges county MD 301 780 7200 ***OMG...JUST LOOK AT THIS sweet 2 MON TH OLD GIRL PLEASE SAVE… https://t.co/muTI1x5yAB
Really dont know why people act so friendly and inviting one minute, then poof, they're quiet like I dont even... https://t.co/edDMVicJY4
@FoxNews @toddstarnes Did he also give you Trump Breath Fresher & Nasal Spray. Has the scent of his Rectal Unit. On… https://t.co/fT56kelyms
@nut4bondage My poof is so big and it's getting long in the back.... I should get a haircut this weekend tbh https://t.co/TCZBzKbThH
@alfiesmith405 happy birthday poof x https://t.co/itWtvBonuW
@prupil @mdesign218 @vanOnselenP Ah, so you're a wanker as well as a poof?
@SarahKSilverman One doesn’t see it as such if we eliminate all standards of human decency. If we accept a gritting… https://t.co/nSIUqUkWTw
RT @CashGoddessP: @depositdutchess yep. about 350 - his savings, lol. Was given a task list and poof, he was gone.
@nytimes *poof* it never happened
@LaceySm88791881 @PoliticalBee @tribelaw Guiliani made a huge money laundering case against Trump disappear. Poof!… https://t.co/0F9tTqQu1l
Kahit walang ganap feeling ko overwhelmed pa rin ako sa MW. All good feelings lang ah. #SCAwardsForMAYWARD
@MercyFullFrisk - was not his own, a borrowed vessel for him and I. Classic's soul. He lost it and "vanished".❞ He… https://t.co/PjBaJFhKMj
I did it :)) ............ No change and any hope of change......*poof* https://t.co/D7L5V23I05
@TennisCanada So upsetting, and I got up at 4.30 a.m. to watch it. One game, and poof! Hope Milos heals soon.
Imagine Justin Shonga signing 5 year contract with Sundowns. Goes on loan for 5 years then poof, he's 30
epic hahaha kaka poof tab poof tab na alt tab ahhaha
@TrooperSnooks @pip_tp A duvet AND a waterproof coat? Poof
@Bussy_SW @M1kkle @KoopaDad @TheRareMamjamam @SpacemanBad @matthoobo @ohnoKenoshaKiD @MeteorSmash911 LETS GO BUSSY YOU POOF
@joybengotchy AKALA RIN NAMIN NAGJOJOKE SIYA 😭 nung nakita kita, otw na kami nun pero di parin kami naniniwala, the… https://t.co/CPVngfwLA4