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@Ms_Polo Lol you been living though, always take breaks which is good... I’m just thinking how did you stay at one… https://t.co/IeqitNqEWo
@fomosaurus Yes. I was just being sarcastic lol. What does almost-no-volume Polo want to achieve with that? They co… https://t.co/pd8OEfpij5
@sortedfood I don’t get the point of a non melting ice pop though. Isn’t the point of icees trying to eat it before… https://t.co/rykHmt6ZdB
That polo red smooth and it’s another in Dillard’s I like but I can’t tell you the name could show it to you though https://t.co/4ddmsD4dLL
@SouthWalesAG The UHW porter polo shirts are black and gold so bit of a difference, but sometimes people will grab… https://t.co/xYWYB8hici
@caleblapiraaa Love you too babe!! 😘😘😘❀️ hugs are always here even though I place random makeup marks on your polo
@CanonUSAimaging I shoot Canon Rebel T3 for High school Water Polo. Need to get me a new one though! https://t.co/zFg7c0bYxh
@Austinforkeep @KhanOfHoops He doing other stuff though. Assists and i saw him get a few steals. Is it bad I miss him? A lot?
@JenisonWildcats That water polo picture though. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
vaulting and water polo are super for your muscles All sports r gr8. Though water aerobics can bring a positive spi… https://t.co/yYYHKvKPwL
On a real not though, if anyone is able to get an extra one of those Kingdom Hearts 3 polo shirts from gamestop, I'll happily pay for one.
@twistedean i hate polo and im mad at christian atm for being a fake ass bitch πŸ˜ͺ☝🏼carla though <3 her power
my uniform is ugly as fuck though it's a black polo shirt with a lego logo on it
@kyleevansmusic He hasn’t got anything for that sort of money at the moment, but he said he’ll keep an eye out and… https://t.co/PVLOXX9Nbj
That flawless game though | Kindred jungle 8.20: https://t.co/vXy2K9vvAX via @YouTube
"On the outside, always looking in Will I ever be more than I've always been? 'Cause I'm tap, tap, tapping on the g… https://t.co/Whb3o28xID
I can't decide who to stan ugh. Like, Ander has my heart. But Nano 😍 And Samuel 😳 And Polo 😩 White men are a menace… https://t.co/lJtjTrdvUk
@ElGuapoNumber5 @POLO_PrOtotype Butler screaming at Chris and Harden would be fun though
Damn!!!!!! Dude so funny though.. he went out sad smh https://t.co/C6gRShHyta
@bizmarkiedesade Plain T-shirt. Denim. Loafers. Socks optional. though my heart says "Hawaiian shorts, flip flops, and a polo"
@WittonAlbion It was like Mickleover Sports Water Polo team at one point, judging by the crowd behind the goal, though I didn't see much.