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RT @MrCotidie: Liverpool vs Arsenal this weekend is the L Classico tbh.
RT @YoungHoeShow: Im PROUD AF to be TONGAN 🇹🇴🙌🏻
@GolubyatnikovI @zarinashgpva я в любом случаи уйду
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Según esta noticia, el programa de caso cerrado no es real. La doctora Ana María Polo de caso cerrado ha confesado: https://t.co/voY5yNXYjP
RT @_teedadon: Just wanna cuddle & talk about my day
Tommy Hilnigga; Polo Ralph Nigga; Armani Exnigga; 😂🤣 i'm so bored
RT @Joe_Coffey: As much as id love that a better challenge would be Polo Promotions...@m_coffey90 & @JackiePolo ....i wonder wher… https://t.co/6OpbscTke6
RT @TyraLetrice: Backshots>>>> anything else
RT @CountyBoySavage: your girl could be on the phone snoring and as soon as you hang up she'll catch a attitude and text you like "why tf you hung up" 😂
Play Marco Polo, WIN Marco's Polo! PLUS a $500 prize up for grabs daily. Can you find him? https://t.co/Uu3qYN3biR
Ang qt ni Sir kapag naka-polo shirt. Mas bagay kesa plaids. Hekhek 😆
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#Denizli: Satılık Otomobil Volkswagen Polo 👍Volkswagen Polo 1.4 TDi Trendline FIRSAT......2005.......POLO...… https://t.co/KifqxrJcsM
RT @JERobledo: Comunicado. Jorge Robledo designado candidato presidencial del Polo https://t.co/xXjcmNgPvm vía @PoloDemocratico… https://t.co/DH6n7tR0im
tout est possible quand tu sais qui tu es, tout est possible quand t'assumes qui tu es