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@CBCAlerts An ethics commissioner bought and paid for. That's taxpayer money well spent. So is state-run media that… https://t.co/wxYSIUpLNq
RT @CBCOttawa: ICYMI: Local Iranians are adding their voices to the #DelayedIranianApplications protest over their long waits for… https://t.co/d0sRUnDt4f
RT @RoyalCdnLegion: Veterans Affairs Canada has given notice of intent to amend the Veterans Well-being Regulations. The public has to… https://t.co/L4pPTxfIDR
RT @Michael69852083: Sign the #petition to stop #AlQuds day in #Toronto! This hatefest cannot continue to play-out every year! Sign it a… https://t.co/fDqvoy26pH
RT @ErinOTooleMP: Minister McKenna rarely strays beyond a few tired talking points & now suggests the only way to take “climate actio… https://t.co/9p7mlzkqSz
RT @CBCPolitics: Ethics watchdog clears Bill Morneau in pension bill allegations https://t.co/FAGRdHkiej #hw #cdnpoli https://t.co/7DzI2Dqd4c
What a busy weekend! Between my mother's birthday, father's day and engaging with our community, I became an honora… https://t.co/1gk95TiFgc
RT @JohnBrassardCPC: Trudeau's Liberals refuse to tell Canadians how much a carbon tax will cost your family. Why is it a state secret?… https://t.co/iO4tcyYo3t
RT @CamBattley: This is important, and must not be lost in the build up to legalization. Sign the @CannabisAmnesty Petition today!… https://t.co/kinWoxkYL5
RT @DrJacobsRad: @cathmckenna How about you stop dumping raw sewage into our lakes, and then we can take your concerns about climate… https://t.co/JWUFBG7f2D
RT @JohnBrassardCPC: Looking forward to a successful result for all the hard work @richardmartelpc and the entire @CPC_HQ team has put i… https://t.co/JgRttxCnwp
RT @MikeHudema: Canada promises #climate progress, buys a pipeline instead: https://t.co/j1do14Zidm #ClimateChange leaders don't b… https://t.co/MPsLq7iZZJ
At long last! B.C. government investigating felling of centuries-old trees on Haida Gwaii https://t.co/tahkz4oO3vhttps://t.co/Oh9Re3PfWs
RT @anniegirl1138: Yeah, pretty sure it's crossed their minds. Just haven't figured out the a way to leverage that to get a NAFTA suns… https://t.co/7cEO10HVyM
RT @DrJacobsRad: We are all living in Trudeau's social justice fantasy land. When the trip ends, the hangover will be lengendary. "I… https://t.co/XDj85Gu41T
@andrew_leach That was enlightening, thanks! #cdnpoli
RT @BillTufts: Canadian economy is in big trouble Job market lost 50,000 jobs so far this year Usually creates 250,000 350,000… https://t.co/QzncMCmwsd
RT @AIMS_CA: Supply management is protectionism by another name. And domestic protectionism shouldn’t be ignored as we seek free… https://t.co/1JT6MoUynj
RT @AboutNellie: ON THIS DATE: this photograph of Nellie McClung and Emmeline Pankhurst was taken in Edmonton, Alberta (June 17, 191… https://t.co/eXl5POgHAr
RT @DrJacobsRad: This message of hate must be denounced publicly. The Liberals should not be funding groups that incite violence aga… https://t.co/to53eE1sHa
RT @TrueNorthInit: Burnaby residents call for pipeline protest camps to be dismantled https://t.co/vJr272plo6 #cdnpoli
RT @sunlorrie: A lot of people on twitter tonight seem to be under the mistaken impression the Trudeau government has already said… https://t.co/vqfTrhEZMp
RT @PNozhka: @cathmckenna You could shut down Canada’s entire economy and make zero difference to climate change. China has a po… https://t.co/V8Zdu5DyFy