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/iseng liat video nom/ dimata gua kayak pole dancer semua .g
@MELANIATRUMP ...You are a pathetic pole dancer..!
RT @bbtfln: jiyong: what happened at the club last night why is everyone texting me saying i'm a great pole dancer top: last night? lol history was made
Maybe if I were a french pole dancer living in england, maybe then I'd get a text back.
RT @herambk: Finland is no doubt world's fun educational leader - where 55 year maths teacher is an excellent pole dancer.... https://t.co/G8v53i94fG
@itsameluigi1290 P4 had a pole dancer stripper boss.
Personally, I'm a big fan of eating a banana before, a hard-boiled egg after, or maybe some chocolate milk.... https://t.co/zT1bYasHWR
being a pole dancer does not make you a slut. Pls get it together, simple minded people.
Took Charlie to see Cyberdog yesterday and they had a pole dancer in there, treat squared
RT @mollipop_cb: dont i make a great pole dancer guys? https://t.co/hx2UZaUKPg
my dad told my nan that i work in a nightclub and she thought he meant as a pole dancer. 😩😂
The vine with the clever play on poll/pole dancer is honestly my favorite fucking thing
@CPUBlueHeart_ @AkumaZe Now we need a pole dancer emote XD
@Mustakari 'The Pole Vaulter' - how about that name for the run up the hill to the first turn, which then could become 'The Pole Dancer'