#AlSmithDinner I would love to play poker with Sally. I don;t know poker and I would be able to take all of her mon…
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Interesting...areas with more poker machines have higher rates of domestic violence...
RT @RDTLadyGaga: "Eu acho que vou alcançar o meu pico aos 75 anos! De cabelo branco cantando 'Poker Face'." - Lady Gaga na Beats1.
No me quiero viciar con poker, maldición
【PF】 UTG 5h Qc : --% MP1 Qs 7s : 35% MP2 9d 2h : --% BTN 6d 3s : --% SB1 6s 6h : 15% BB1 Qd 5s : --% F: Jc 9h 9c T: Kc R: 7h 10239
Justin Bieber Spotted Playing In Low-Stakes Poker Cash Game: Pop star Justin Bieber was seen playing cards at...
me on the outside: calm, poker face me on the inside: screaming, cursing, crying
RT @takei_corvo: POKER FACE ミュージック・ビデオ YouTube⬇️にUPされたよ。 Check
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RT @NBCChicagoMed: “You must be one hell of a poker player.” “Why’s that?” “That was a hell of a gamble.” #ChicagoMed
¿Kevin Costner en Molly's Game?¿Kevin-Costner-en-Molly-s-Game-_98530/#uAYY17
¿Kevin Costner en Molly's Game?¿Kevin-Costner-en-Molly-s-Game-_98530/#uAYY17
@Brownnyyyy bit of poker huh? Not much of a poker man but im sure ill do fine whos playing and how we doing it
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@sugarsoffice Sugar's Office Podcast You Tube 10/21 12:30am New Sponsors, Upcoming One Stop Poker Run for the Wichita Children's Home
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If you know how to play poker and you have ios come take a L
@FergusonCurly You bud, looking to begin hitting casinos next year for some poker, any tips for live beginners?